ZeroTech Optics Partners with Chattanooga Shooting Supplies

ZeroTech Optics Partners with Chattanooga Shooting Supplies

Nashville TN — ZeroTech Optics, a leading provider of high-quality optics for shooting enthusiasts, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, a renowned distributor of firearms, ammunition, and accessories. This collaboration aims to provide customers with an enhanced shooting experience, combining ZeroTech’s advanced optics technology with Chattanooga’s extensive product range and expertise.

“We are excited to join forces with a great Tennessee based business Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, a company that shares our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction,” said Nathan Dudney – ZeroTech Optics “This partnership will allow us to reach a wider audience and provide them with the best shooting experience possible.”

Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, established in 1977, has been a trusted source for shooting supplies for over four decades. Their dedication to providing a wide range of products and exceptional customer service has made them a preferred choice among shooting enthusiasts.

“The entire ZeroTech team has shown a deep dedication to quality and innovation that aligns perfectly with our values at Chattanooga Shooting Supplies,” said Bill Sumner, CSSI President. “We’re looking forward to bringing their premium optics to our customers and enhancing their shooting experience.”

Customers can look forward to a wider range of products as a result of this partnership. ZeroTech Optics’ high-quality scopes and optics will be available through Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, providing customers with more options for their shooting needs.

For more information about ZeroTech Optics, visit [ZeroTech Optics website]. For more information about Chattanooga Shooting Supplies and their product offerings, visit

ZeroTech Optics Partners with Chattanooga Shooting Supplies

About ZeroTech Optics

ZeroTech International is pioneering new grounds by developing cutting edge optical solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding users. This new direction is forging our path as one of the world’s leading optical manufacturers dedicated to providing hunters, shooters and outdoors enthusiasts with elite optical performance in all-weather scenarios. ZeroTech Optics prides itself on delivering our promise of unmatched user experience, unbeatable value for money and our dedicated customer centered focus supplying optics that meet and exceed our users’ expectations.?

We have stamped ZeroTech’s mark on the world stage, born from a third-generation optical distributor and manufacturing family originating from the USA, specializing in performance optics tailored to the most demanding environments on earth. This experience has seen ZeroTech Optics tested from the vast arid floodplains of Australia and Africa, through to the treacherous snowcapped peaks of the southern fiords in New Zealand and delivering repeatable reliability in the last frontier, Alaska. ?

About Chattanooga Shooting Supplies

Chattanooga Shooting Supplies was founded in 1977 by two families that had a passion for waterfowl hunting and shooting. That same passion holds true today with the second generation of family members and has now grown into one of the largest wholesale distributors in the shooting industry. Chattanooga Shooting Supplies is a wholesale distributor selling to federally licensed firearms dealers and major retail outlets nationwide.