ZEISS Expands Line-up with New Thermal Imaging Cameras

ZEISS Expands Line-up with New Thermal Imaging Cameras

With the introduction of the DTI 1 and DTI 4, ZEISS is unveiling two new thermal imaging cameras for hunting. The ZEISS DTI 3 GEN 2 builds upon the DTI 3 thermal imaging camera which was first introduced in 2020. The ZEISS DTI family have several features in common including intuitive ergonomics and ease of use, an exceptional viewing experience, as well as sophisticated power management, and seamless connectivity with the ZEISS Hunting App. “With the new DTI 1, DTI 4, and the second generation of the successful DTI 3, we offer a complete line of thermal imaging cameras for all hunting applications and at a variety of price points,” reported Constantin Klug, Category Manager for Hunting at ZEISS.

Thermal imaging cameras are an essential piece of hunting gear that help make hunting safer and more successful. The entry level model, the ZEISS DTI 1, is a compact and lightweight thermal imaging camera with features such as Transition Zoom, which enables uninterrupted observation thanks to the continuous zoom effect, as well as personalized settings. The camera comes with a new detection mode and eight color modes for your customization. With 0.5 zoom increments, it offers the ideal combination of zoom and detail recognition for reliable identification. The new ZEISS DTI 1 is available in two different focal lengths: the DTI 1/19 with a field of view of 72 ft at 100 yds, and the DTI 1/25 with a field of view of 55 ft at 100 yds.

“The ZEISS DTI 3 GEN 2 builds upon the DTI 3 thermal imaging camera and offers a significant upgrade in terms of hardware and software features. The new image processor and AMOLED display delivers an advancement in image quality for a remarkably detailed and sharp image,” noted Klug. In addition to the performance features of the DTI 1, the DTI 3 GEN 2 also has other features, such as the movement alert, which emits a visual signal when a heat source moves, or practical shortcut keys, which enables a fast feature operation without the need to go into the menu. The DTI 3 GEN 2 comes in two focal lengths: the DTI 3/25 with a detection range of 1,017 yds, and the DTI 3/35 with a range of 1,422 yds.

“With the DTI 4, we’ve taken image quality to another level to help hunters identify game even more accurately and reliably than ever before,” Klug said. Building on the features of the DTI 3 GEN 2, the DTI 4 is highlighted by its high resolution 640 x 512 px sensor with 12 μm pixel pitch. “This delivers superior image quality at all zoom levels and increased detection range – for enhanced detail recognition and a sharp, high-contrast image, at longer distances.” For this reason, the DTI 4 is available in two focal lengths: the DTI 4/35 and the DTI 4/50 with a detection range of over 2,000 yds for both models.

The new ZEISS DTI 1, DTI 3 GEN 2, and DTI 4 thermal imaging cameras are available from ZEISS authorized dealers.

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