Young Guns – Aquaterro Receives First Order for Sidearm Weapon System from Australian Defence Force

Young Guns – Aquaterro Receives First Order for Sidearm Weapon System from Australian Defence Force

Aquaterro has received its first Purchase Order for the new Sidearm Weapon System (SWS) under the Australian Defence Force LAND 159 Program.

The USD$20m+ (AUD$30m) PO comes after exhaustive engineering analysis, testing, and evaluation since contract award in October 2022. This effort enables the weapon system to be introduced into service with the ADF and confirms Aquaterro as the largest participant supplier of weapon systems under LAND 159.

The new ADF SWS comprises the SIG P320 X-Carry Pro, SIG ROMEO2 Red Dot Sight, and SIG FOXTROT2 Weapon Light.

The Australian Army is upgrading its lethality system, including its small arms capabilities through Project LAND 159. The LAND 159 government website states that it is undertaking the procurement of “next-generation weapon systems, ammunition, and training and support systems [that] will ensure that ADF ground combatants maintain a capability advantage over potential adversaries to beyond 2030.

All SIG P320s will complete their final manufacturing process: application of customer-specific laser engraving, at Aquaterro’s new Laser Machining Centre, located within Aquaterro’s High Security Defence Precinct in Southeast Melbourne.

Utilising multiple advanced workstations, Aquaterro qualified armourers and laser technicians will disassemble the weapons, conduct the laser engraving, reassemble the weapons, perform function checks, and package them for delivery to the ADF via NIOA, the program managing contractor.

Aquaterro Founder and CEO, Graeme Bulte said, “We are thrilled that these systems are now lined up for production at SIG’s manufacturing facilities, and our team is prepped and ready for their arrival and clearance into Australia.  The extensive testing and evaluation conducted for the ADF program confirms the products have met the rigorous requirements of the ADF, and we can’t wait for them to begin to arrive at our facility in Melbourne towards the end of this year.”  “We are proud of the combined work of our team and with the solid support from SIG, which is aiming to provide these weapons on budget and substantially ahead of schedule”.

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Aquaterro is a 100% Australian owned, medium-sized company that has grown over 30 years under the same ownership, to become one of Australia’s largest providers of individual equipment, including small arms and munitions, to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and police customers around Australia. Aquaterro employs 50+ people, and is headquartered in its new, purpose-built ~11,000m2 secure defence industry precinct in Southeast Melbourne. Aquaterro has delivered over $150m worth of equipment to Defence over the past 7 years, via LAND 125’s Tiered Combat Helmet (Team Wendy EXFIL) and Night Vision Goggle Mount (Wilcox G24) contracts alone; proudly achieving a faultless Scorecard record for delivery of these supplies.

Aquaterro’s facilities include advanced manufacturing as well as industrial research, engineering, in-house design, and sovereign manufacturing capability. Aquaterro also designs and manufactures equipment under its own Peacemaker® brand, which it provides to clients across Australia and exports overseas.

SIG SAUER and Aquaterro have been working closely since 2017 to offer world-leading solutions and win business in the Australian Defence and Law Enforcement market. This PO is the latest and largest contract for SIG weapon systems in Australia to date, and demonstrates the commitment both companies have for Australia.

Aquaterro was also selected to supply the new Personal Defence Weapon System (PDWS) into LAND 159, consisting of the SIG MCX, ROMEO4T Optic, JULIET4 Magnifier, and SIG Suppressors.  These items are completing their test and evaluation processes prior to a procurement decision.”