Yamamoto Releases Sensei Worm

Yamamoto Baits is excited to announce the release of the all-new Sensei Worm. Designed to be a finesse killer, the 6.5’’ Sensei features a custom-tailored soft plastic formula that leaves the worm neutrally buoyant in the water. This results in a bait that even the most finnicky bass are going to have a hard time turning down.

“The Sensei Worm has quickly become my go-to plastic for Neko rig and shaky head applications,” says Yamamoto pro Cody Meyer. “Yamamoto is known for putting out baits with phenomenal action, and the Sensei Worm just seems to continue that tradition.”

The balanced design of the Sensei Worm allows for a wide, slow shimmy when rigged weightless. Its versatility is also evident when targeting deeper fish, especially with finesse presentations.

“This worm can shine all over the lake,” says Meyer. “I’ve also caught fish on it dropshotting and with a traditional Texas Rig. I can confidently say that the new Sensei Worm will help you catch more fish in even the toughest conditions.”

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