Yak Wool Apparel Pioneer Kora Introduces Limited-Edition Sock Range

New Line of Socks Crafted with Kora’s Own Yak Wool and Merino Fibers to Offer Unmatched Warmth, Comfort and Performance

kora (, the pioneer in using yak wool and sustainable natural fibers for performance apparel, today introduces its new limited edition line of socks. The styles feature the brand’s proprietary fabrics that are powered by yak wool, a natural fiber with scientifically proven performance benefits and with softness on par with cashmere.

Expanding beyond its popular yak wool Upside Down Sock, kora introduces three new socks: a Ski SockHiking Sock, and an Ankle Sock, all featuring kora’s latest fabric integrating yak wool, merino, nylon, and Coolmax® Eco producing a highly technical performance sock that prioritizes comfort. Traditional outdoor socks use a terry loop construction around the entire foot for both protection and insulation. However, this terry loop is compressed underfoot during use, inhibiting its benefits, while adding unnecessary bulk and weight and increasing the chance of blisters. Kora has recreated the outdoor sock by turning current technology upside down.

“We’re very proud to be introducing the new limited edition run of kora socks, which are built on the design foundation of our original Upside Down sock that’s been modified and enhanced with new features and fabric,” said Michael Kleinwort, Kora Founder and CEO. “I love trail running, hiking and backcountry skiing, and socks are such a critical piece of kit to stay warm and comfortable and enjoy the full experience. Yak wool is such an impressive fiber – it’s hollow and really excellent at both wicking moisture and insulating – and the benefits truly shine through with socks.”

Since its inception in 2013, yak wool has been the foundation of kora’s apparel. A natural performance fiber that offers unrivaled breathability and wicking properties, yak wool is ideal for performance fabrics and especially for socks. Feet produce more sweat than any other part of the human body, so moisture management and wicking are essential to keep feet warm in colder temps and during extended activities outdoors like skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, hiking, running, and more. Wool uniquely retains its insulating properties when wet, and yak wool is a hollow fiber, meaning it traps even more air than merino, amplifying the insulation of fabrics. Additionally, the properties of yak wool help with temperature regulation; the less energy used to stay warm or cool down, the more the wearer can dedicate to movement. Like merino, yak wool is also naturally odor-resistant and offers a softness that’s often compared to cashmere.

Like all kora products, the new range of socks backs kora’s mission of supporting the livelihoods of Nomadic yak herders on the Tibetan plateau. The yak wool is sourced and collected by the Kegawa Herders’ Cooperative, a collective of more than 90 families in the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. By sourcing yak wool directly from Himalayan plateau nomads, kora not only ensures the exceptional quality of its fabrics but also contributes directly to supporting the way of life of its Tibetan nomad partners.

The New kora Sock Range:

A mix of yak wool, merino, nylon, and Coolmax®️ Eco, a blend that produce a highly technical performance sock that prioritizes comfort. The limited edition collection includes three socks: kora upside down yak wool ski sock (MSRP $45), kora upside down yak wool hiking socks (MSRP $35), kora upside down yak wool ankle socks (MSRP $25).

Kora Sock Features:

  • Ankle protection pads and seamless toe closure for comfort
  • Left and right construction for an anatomical fit
  • Elastic support system throughout for enhanced support
  • Smooth link toe seam for added comfort
  • High stretch cuff for minimal compression. Elastic support system throughout for support and to help prevent friction
  • Comfort zones: cushioning strategically placed throughout for ultimate protection
  • Reinforced heel and two zones for durability. Double-density cushion padding for added protection
  • Mesh paneling for ventilation and moisture management

The new kora socks are available today in small, medium, or large on kora’s website.

About kora:

Founded in 2013, kora is the pioneer of harnessing the potential of yak wool for athletic pursuits and sources its wool directly from a cooperative of nomadic yak herders, supporting their traditional way of life. kora designs and develops all of its own Hima-Layer™ fabrics, which are used across its award-winning line of baselayers, mid-layers, and accessories.

Kora continues to push the boundaries, applying its expertise in natural fibers including yak wool, merino, and bamboo to develop premium products for outdoor adventures and active lifestyles.

Kora’s Mission: To craft natural fibers that offer supreme comfort; make the highest performance products on fair trade and environmental principles, and never compromise on quality or integrity. Learn more at and visit @koraoutdoor on Instagram and Facebook.