Winchester and White Flyer Announce the Top Shot Youth Sporting Clays Event

The Winchester Top Shot Youth Championship, Powered by: White Flyer event will be held on April 27 at legendary NILO, the famous Winchester hunting and shooting sport facility in Brighton, IL. The event is specifically designed for sport shooters of all skill levels ages, 12 to 21, however, parents and coaches will also be allowed to participate.

With significant support from Winchester and other generous event sponsors, there will be more than $10,000 in prizes for participants. This is an event for sport shooters of all skill levels and a great opportunity for families to enjoy a day together and take in the beautiful scenery at NILO.

“We are excited to host this event and create another opportunity for youth, family and friends to enjoy the shooting sports,” said Jason Gilbertson, director of marketing for Winchester Ammunition. “The pristine grounds of NILO make it one of the finest shooting sports facilities in the Midwest. We look forward to hosting more elite events that draw sport shooters of all skill levels to this facility.”

In addition to the main event, there will be food trucks and side games on the grounds that day.
For more information, and to register, call 618-466-0613 or email Event rules and additional details are posted on NILOFARMS.COM. Watch the NILO short film.