Win a Ford F150 at Target Sports USA AMMO+ Day

Target Sports USA, a leading provider of ammunition and shooting supplies, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated AMMO+ Day on September 19th and the Unveiling of the grand prize for this year’s AMMO+ giveaway day on October 14th. Following the success of last year’s gathering, this year’s celebration promises to be even more exciting, with one lucky Target Sports USA customer walking away with the keys to a brand-new Ford F150 truck and the other three contestants walking away with even more valuable prizes than last year.

The AMMO+ Day and Ford F150 Truck Giveaway event is an extraordinary occasion to express appreciation for the continued loyalty and support of Target Sports USA’s valued customers and AMMO+ members. To add to the excitement, we are flying in 22plinkster, a YouTube Star with over 770K subscribers, 514 videos, and millions of views. He will pull the F150 Grand Prize winner. 22Plinkster will also be there to hang out with our great customers and answer any questions.

Last year’s AMMO+ Day Giveaways were an absolute triumph, as over 120 customers gathered at the stunning Kinsman Brewery. The day was filled with laughter, entertainment, and an overwhelming sense of community among like-minded individuals. Attendees enjoyed many engaging activities and raffle prizes, including expert-led shooting demonstrations, product showcases, and informative sessions on the perks of the exclusive AMMO+ membership program. Not to mention, when leaving, they were given a FREE Bushnell Outdoor Speaker.

“The overwhelming response and energy from our customers during last year’s AMMO+ Party Day made us want to do it again this year,” said Marko Samardzija, COO at Target Sports USA. “It is a true testament to the strength of our shooting community and the shared passion for firearms. This year, we are taking it up a notch and making it even more extraordinary with the Ford F150 truck giveaway and many other prizes.”

This year’s event features entertainment, delicious food trucks, drinks, and the opportunity to connect with fellow shooting enthusiasts. The event’s highlight will undoubtedly be the eagerly awaited Ford F150 truck giveaway, one fortunate customer will be selected to drive away with.

To be eligible for the Ford F150 truck giveaway, customers can sign up for the exclusive AMMO+ membership program, which offers free shipping on all orders, exclusive discounts, and access to special events and promotions.

Target Sports USA welcomes all customers to join the AMMO+ membership and become eligible for the Ford F150 Truck Giveaway. Further details about the event, including the date and location, will be released soon.

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