Wilson Combat SFT9 Lightrail

Wilson Combat SFT9 Lightrail

Berryville, AR

Wilson Combat, the leading manufacturer of custom firearms and accessories since 1977, is proud to announce the the SFT9 Lightrail. Durable… Dependable… Concealable… With Rock Solid Reliability! Now available with a lightrail frame option.

This new double stack 9mm handgun offers a unique blend of classic double stack design mixed with modern reliability enhancements that improve handling and shooting performance for shooters of all skill levels.

DURABLE: The foundation of the SFT9 begins as a solid block of the highest quality T6-7075 Aluminum that is precision machined on computer-controlled machining centers until all that remains is the finished one-piece solid frame. The solid frame design is more rugged than other firearm designs with a modular grip/frame construction and thinner, with a width of only 1.155 inches. The reduced diameter of the Wilson Combat Solid Frame along with the TRAK grip strap texture improves recoil control and reduces muzzle flip during rapid fire.

DEPENDABLE: The Commander length Slide and Barrel are precisely machined in-house at our facility in Berryville, Arkansas where our gunsmiths then hand-fit each 4¼ inch Match-Grade Bushing style Barrel for a lifetime of top performance. Each gun is rigorously tested prior to shipment to ensure that it meets our exacting reliability and accuracy standards. The end result is an easy-to-shoot handgun that is ready for high round count range sessions and everyday defensive carry.

CONCEALABLE: The Wilson Combat TRAK grip texture on the front and the rear of the grip frame offers a non-abrasive comfortable grip without sharp edges to snag on cover garments. The stainless steel slide wears a corrosion-resistant and virtually scratch-proof black DLC (Diamond-like-Carbon) physical vapor deposition finish. The classic Commander slide profile features dovetail front and rear sights and wide cocking serrations for enhanced traction.

RELIABLE: Wilson Combat has earned an enviable reputation for best-in-class reliability and proven performance. We are so confident in our products that each Wilson Combat firearm has a lifetime customer service guarantee with no strings attached.

Wilson Combat has been a leader in the firearms industry for over 40 years. They are known for their commitment to quality craftsmanship and precision, which they maintain to this day. Today, they are a top choice for those in search of custom handguns that meet the highest standards of excellence. This release is just another example of their unwavering dedication to providing customers with a superior product and experience.

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