Warrior East 23 – CACI Remote Support Kit

Warrior East 23 – CACI Remote Support Kit

I learned about the CACI Remote Support Kit while visiting the Mastodon Design booth during Warrior East. Based on the capability it presents, this is far and away the most significant capability I saw at the show.

The kit consists of a Microsoft HoloLens and reachback software which allows the maintainer, or even user to contact tech support and troubleshoot and repair malfunctioning equipment even while in the field. All they need is a data comms pipe.

Due to the HoloLens, the tech support rep sees what the deployed user is looking at and can highlight areas to investigate using Augmented Reality. In one incident I was told about, the user was shown which screws to open to access inside a panel to investigate the problem. In this fashion, the tech rep not only indicates the correct action but ensures they are being followed. Additionally, tech support can remoteky take control of the desktop and push software and firmware to any broken systems.

This system saves not only money by avoiding the evacuation of gear with simple maintenance issues, but also keeps the unit on mission by minimizing downtime.

Units and agencies can procure products seen at Warrior East by contacting ADS, Inc.