Vudoo Gun Works Shooter Takes Top Spot at Real World Sniper Challenge

St George Utah – Vudoo Gun Works, leader in precision rifles and handguns, congratulates Team Shooter John Solinsky and his shooting partner Brandon Zielinski on winning the 2024 Real World Sniper Challenge.

The Real World Sniper Challenge is part of the annual real-world sniper series put on by Dark Corner Concept throughout the year. These matches are team events where both shooters are required to be proficient with both long range shooting as well as hand gun. In addition to shooting, this match requires communication, field craft, medical, and basic physical fitness. Over the two days of the match, John and Brandon walked approximately 10 miles with all their gear and shot 11 unique stages of fire which tested different skills needed for a sniper team. There were 11 teams total with varying backgrounds, but most had deep military and operational experience.

Solinsky runs both the Vudoo Morpheus bolt action Rifle as well as the Vudoo Priest 9mm Double stack1911, while his partner Brendon Zielinski ran the Vudoo Priest 9mm Doublestack 1911. This being the 4th match as a team they managed to score over 2900 points, putting them at a 900 point lead over the second place finishers.

“In a match with these types of conditions, it is imperative that your gear consistently works at a very high level. The Vudoo Morpheus rifle and Priest Doublestack have been equipment that I have trusted to compete with since they came out last year.” Said John Solinsky, Vudoo Team Shooter

About Vudoo Gun Works

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