Volquartsen Releases Open Sight Lightweight Barrel for the 10/22

Volquartsen Releases Open Sight Lightweight Barrel for the 10/22

Carroll, IA  Volquartsen Firearms continues to expand their line of precision rimfire barrels for the 10/22® platform with the release of the new Open Sight Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel.

The Volquartsen Lightweight Barrel with Open Sights features an XS Ghost Ring Rear (ID .191″) with a Williams Gun Sights fiber optic front sight (.060″ diameter available in red or green). This combination lends itself to fast and easy sight acquisition.

“The Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel with Open Sights for the 10/22® sets the standard for a lightweight barrel – bull barrel match accuracy at half the weight,” commented Volquartsen Firearms Marketing Director Chad Wittrock.

A stainless-steel barrel fitted with a woven carbon fiber tube creates an air space between the barrel and sleeve, helping the barrel stay cool under rapid-fire conditions. The rigidity of the carbon fiber tube allows the barrel to be put in tension, minimizing barrel vibrations typically found on smaller barrel diameters.

Barrel specifications include:

·Weight – 1 lb 6 oz

·Length – 16.75″

·Threaded Muzzle – 1/2 x 28 TPI w/ Thread Protector

·Twist Rate – 1:16

·Laser-hardened breech

“Open sights were the foundation of how many of us learned to shoot. As times have changed, we may have moved onto red dots or rifle scopes, but the ability to use open sights will always stay in style,” added Volquartsen Firearms President Scott Volquartsen.

Volquartsen Firearms has also taken the Open Sight Lightweight Carbon Fiber barrel a step further by incorporating it into a rifle configuration.

This new 22 LR rifle with Open Sights was built for competition shooters looking to shoot limited, hunters looking for an alternative to optics, and shooters that prefer to keep things simple.

As mentioned above, Volquartsen has paired the popular Williams Fiber Optic Front Sight with the XS Sights Ghost Ring to give shooters of all disciplines an open-sight option for all conditions.

Rifle specifications include:

·CNC-machined Volquartsen Stainless Steel Receiver

·Volquartsen TG2000 trigger guard with 2.25 lb trigger pull

·Magpul® X-22 Hunter Stock (Black, Gray, OD Green, & FDE color options)

·Volquartsen Carbon fiber THM tension barrel

·DLC-coated machined Volquartsen Competition Bolt

·XS Ghost Ring Rear and Williams Fiber Optic Front Sight

·Receiver is drilled and tapped for either the Volquartsen Picatinny Rail or Universal Red Dot Mount

·Approximate weight – 6 lb 3oz

·Caliber – 22 LR

Additional information on the open sight rifle can be found at:

Additional information on the Open Sight Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel can be found at:

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