VOKOL™ Acoustics Partners with iKon Boats

VOKOL™ Acoustics Partners with iKon Boats

VOKOL™ Acoustics is thrilled to announce the launch of an innovative marine audio system for iKon Bass Boats, featuring the cutting-edge ReelQuiet™ technology and premium Klipsch® Marine speakers. This pioneering audio system promises to elevate the bass fishing experience to unprecedented levels.

Introducing the 2025 iKon LX21 Bass Boat with VOKOL Acoustics Sound System

Listening to the feedback from anglers concerned about audio impacting their fishing experience, VOKOL developed the ReelQuiet feature, now integrated into the new sound system for iKon’s 2025 LX Series bass boats. This feature, operated via iKon’s multifunction touchscreen control panel at the helm, allows anglers to enjoy their favorite music, podcasts, or sports without disturbing the fish. ReelQuiet automatically removes the cockpit speakers from the sound system, focusing sound output through the helm speaker, which is calibrated to ensure minimal hull vibration and optimal audio quality.

“Space constraints on bass boats often mean speakers are mounted in a way that causes sound to vibrate the hull, which fish can sense,” explained Don Nesbit, Director of Innovation at VOKOL Acoustics. “ReelQuiet addresses this issue with a simple touch, ensuring anglers can enjoy audio without affecting their catch.”

Professional angler Brent Butler, winner of the 2024 American Bass Anglers Pro League Season Opener, praised the system: “I never prioritized audio on my boat until I experienced the iKon bass boat’s Klipsch audio system. The ReelQuiet technology allows for great sound without disturbing the fish, making it a perfect blend of enjoyment and functionality.”

Klipsch Marine: A Legacy of Superior Sound

Klipsch Marine’s high-quality audio, deeply rooted in Arkansas bass boat culture, makes it an ideal partner for VOKOL Acoustics in delivering exceptional sound experiences on iKon Bass Boats. The new audio system, standard on all 2025 iKon LX20 and LX21 models, includes two 7″ Klipsch speakers and a specially designed, full-definition helm speaker, strategically placed for optimal sound delivery and an immersive audio experience.

“For bass boat enthusiasts, every detail matters, including the audio experience,” said Nesbit. “With our new system, anglers can enjoy premium sound quality without compromising the tranquility of their fishing environment or impacting battery levels. VOKOL continues to lead the industry by introducing innovative and functional features to the marine OEM world.”

About VOKOL Acoustics

VOKOL Acoustics, LLC ( is a leader in audio technology innovation, particularly in OEM collaborations. The company excels in crafting audio systems tailored to user needs, ensuring unparalleled boating experiences by prioritizing functionality and seamless integration.

About iKon Boats

iKon Boats, LLC (, a subsidiary of East Tennessee’s HCB Yachts, is headquartered in Madisonville, TN. iKon leverages sophisticated yacht engineering and angler expertise to create innovative products that redefine the market.

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