Viridian Re-Launches Green & Red Laser Sights for Walther P22

Viridian Re-Launches Green & Red Laser Sights for Walther P22

Viridian Weapon Technologies was initially founded on a green laser sight for the P22, the first green laser designed for pistols ushering in a new era of gun tech. Over the years, Viridian has launched hundreds of additional products and is now re-launching laser sights built for the Walther P22. Built on the highly regarded E SERIES™? platform, each model is custom designed to seamlessly fit the trigger guard of each of the most popular pistols. The intuitive, easy-to-use green and red lasers improve target acquisition time and shooting accuracy. This new addition adds to a product line featuring over 40 custom designs.

The E SERIES offer a combination of convenience and durability. They provide over 60 minutes constant run time, ambidextrous button activation, and a user-friendly 5-minute auto shut-off. These sights help advanced and beginner shooters alike, in both daylight and low light conditions, the green with a 100-yard range during the day and a 2-mile range at night. Viridian laser sights feature adjustable windage and elevation and mount directly to the trigger guard. Made from high-strength polymers, each sight is built to last.

Viridian President and CEO, Brian Hedeen, shared his enthusiasm for this particular E SERIES line expansion with their long-term partner Walther. “It’s back, baby! The Walther P22 is a popular pistol with a longstanding history of performance and reliability,” he commented. “It also has a long history with Viridian. In 2006 the very first green laser we designed was built to fit the P22. I still have the original white SLA prototype in my office, and it still works! It is exciting that eighteen years later technology has dramatically improved and we are still working to make custom laser sights for this pistol.”

These laser sights are covered by Viridian’s limited lifetime warranty. Viridian continues to plan further line expansions and will make the E SERIES available for more brands and models in the coming months.

About Viridian Weapon Technologies

As an industry leader in designing and manufacturing high-tech self-defense accessories, Viridian Weapon Technologies sets the benchmark for the civilian, military, and law enforcement sectors. Viridian ushered in a new era of technology when they invented green laser pistol sights nearly two decades ago. The diverse and sophisticated product lineup features cutting-edge green laser sights, reflex sight optics, high output LED weapon-mounted tactical lights, and groundbreaking gun cameras, among a suite of other innovative shooting accessories. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, each Viridian product embodies the pinnacle of technological excellence. Discover the full line of innovations at