Vineyard Max Deer Products Reaches An Agreement With Legendary “Mr. Whitetail”, Larry Weishuhn

Vineyard Max Deer Products Reaches An Agreement With Legendary “Mr. Whitetail”, Larry Weishuhn

Paul Moore and Kurt England, owners of Vineyard Max Deer Products, producers of the unique Vineyard Max “Created for the Aroma of Success” Deer Attractant, manufacturers of the finest broadcast and large capacity free-choice feeders and other innovative hunting products are proud to announce Larry Weishuhn, “Mr. Whitetail” recently joined their company to help promote their excellent line of products.

Weishuhn, a professional wildlife biologist/outdoor writer has authored over 3,000 feature articles, columns and blogs, as well as several books. He has also appeared in over 500 award-winning outdoor television episodes and is a member of the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame. Weishuhn will also join the Vineyard Max team at future trade shows.

Weishuhn started using Vineyard Max after it was released to the public. He was impressed with how quickly mature whitetail bucks were attracted to it. He then contacted Vineyard Max’s owners and asked to help promote their revolutionary deer attractant. “Whitetails, particularly mature bucks, tend to be extremely finicky. They often take many months to even try something new. That was not the case with Vineyard Max. Even older bucks were attracted to Vineyard Max the first afternoon we put some out! I was greatly impressed! Vineyard Max is also high in energy and good for deer!”

Vineyard Max Deer Products additionally produces extremely high quality, though reasonably priced, broadcast and large capacity feeders designed by Collin Moore, as well as several other “need to have” hunting related products. These can be seen on their website and at their select dealers.

Coming in the near future Vineyard Max Deer Products will be releasing a line of “Larry Weishuhn Signature” hunting knives. These are based on Weishun’s many years of experience of using knives as a wildlife biologist, guide and hunter. The “Larry Weishuhn Signature” knives will be manufactured by Silver Stag and will use deer antlers as grips and as such each knife will be individually unique. These knives will be available through the and websites and select dealers.

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