Village of Lindsay Pond Will Have Fish Salvage Ahead of Rehab Project

Village of Lindsay Pond Will Have Fish Salvage Ahead of Rehab Project

In preparation for a pond rehabilitation project, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has authorized a fish salvage for the Village of Lindsay Pond from Aug. 10-Oct. 31, 2023.

This salvage allows licensed anglers to utilize the pond’s remaining fish. Length limits will be rescinded, but daily bag limits will be maintained.

Stranded fish of all species may be salvaged by hook and line, archery, spearing, snagging, hand fishing, legal baitfish seines, dip nets, or landing nets.

Due to concerns for the spread of aquatic invasive species, salvaged fish may be used for consumption only and may not be sold or used for stocking purposes into either public or private water bodies.

The Platte County village will begin the project soon, with hopes of removing most, if not all, of the water. Draining the pond will allow for sediment removal, reshaping of the pond basin, and shoreline work.

The project aims to improve water quality and aquatic habitat. It also plans to enhance the fishery and angler access amenities.

The project is planned to be finished by October 2024. Once the rehabilitation project is completed, the pond will be restocked with largemouth bass, bluegill and channel catfish.

Funding for the rehabilitation project is being provided by the Village of Lindsay, the Nebraska Environmental Trust, the Lower Platte North Natural Resources District, and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Aquatic Habitat and Angler Access Program.