Veteran Focus: Retired US Air Force Master Sgt Rescues Shark

Recreational diver Tazz Felde recently received an unusual call from his wife about a six to seven-foot nurse shark tangled up in an artificial reef near John Beasley Park in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Tazz proceeded to the scene and donning his dive gear found a shark with a large hook in its mouth attached to a steel leader with 100-150 feet of  fishing line that had become wrapped around the reef.

Tazz was able to free the shark and remove the fishing line which is hazardous to Marine life.

Tazz is co-owner of dive training company Under Pressure Divers, and says he always teaches his students to not be afraid of sharks or marine life, and to always leave the water better than they found it.

Tazz is also a Retired US Air Force Master Sergeant, who currently serves as the 24th Special Operations Wing Occupational Safety Manager at nearby Hurlburt Field.

Thank you for your service Tazz, both to our nation and wildlife!

Video here: