V Development Group – Megingjörð PRO, an AIWB-Specific Belt

V Development Group – Megingjörð PRO, an AIWB-Specific Belt

This is the newest version of our original AIWB-Specific belt design, the Megingjörð PRO.

It is called the PRO because it offers an industry-first type level of belt-side retention design. This retention design applies to any holster system, and any clip version or style, although we highly recommend that you use our DCC Clips and/or our seraph duty-grade AIWB Holster system. This is an upgrade to the already well-tested stiff section which the holster system is attached to. You would attach your holster’s clips inside this section and when you tighten the belt through the double-loops this section provides a level of holster retention that will exceed any concealed duty grade retention requirements.

There is a PALS-style webbing section that allows for a multitude of various blade sheath clips, or anything else you would like to attach to this section for further retention and concealment.

According to Old Norse, the Megingjörð (pronounced Meg-in-ye-ord) is the name of the belt worn by Thor, which translates into “power belt,” a big name for a big concept.

If you carry AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waist Band) then you know belt choice is extremely important. Simply buying a thick leather belt is often the only option for many or going out and getting some tactical-looking belt with a huge buckle. For those who have a lot of experience carrying in with an AIWB setup, they know that having the right belt matters, having big buckles, back-breaking rigid stiffness all around and pointless loops only adds to the detriment of carrying AIWB.