USCCA and USA Shooting Join Forces to Promote Responsible Firearm Ownership

USCCA and USA Shooting Join Forces to Promote Responsible Firearm Ownership

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and USA Shooting are thrilled to announce a collaborative effort to promote safe firearm ownership. This groundbreaking collaboration brings together two organizations dedicated to empowering responsible gun owners and promoting firearm safety.

The USCCA is the premier resource for responsible gun owners in the United States, providing education and training to responsible gun owners across the U.S. Collaborating with USA shooting – the National Governing Body for Olympic shooting sports in the United States – allows both organizations to use their combined reach and expertise to provide knowledge and education to millions of gun owners nationwide.

“This is a critical partnership and a demonstration of the common values of responsibility, accountability, and skill at arms,” said Craig Kozeniesky, USA Shooting Chief Executive Officer. “This collaboration strengthens the common goal that both USA Shooting’s youth and development programs and USCCA have on the importance of firearms safety.”

One of the critical focuses of this joint effort is to emphasize safe firearm storage and handling for families with children. Together, they will work to raise awareness of the resources available to parents, including the USCCA’s recently launched Children’s Firearm and Safety Fundamentals curriculum.

Additionally, the efforts will address the topic of traveling with firearms responsibly. Many gun owners, including those traveling for competitive shooting and those carrying for self-defense, face challenges in understanding firearm transportation laws, especially while traveling across state lines. The USCCA and USA Shooting will combine efforts to educate gun owners about how to travel safely and legally with a firearm.

“With this collaboration, we hope to impact and reach a broader audience, including firearm enthusiasts, shooting athletes, and responsible gun owners,” said Tim Schmidt, USCCA Chairman and Co-Founder. “It’s our goal to promote a culture of responsible gun ownership, foster safer communities, and protect the rights of law-abiding citizens.”