Umarex Komplete Revolutionizes Airguns

Since the invention of precharged pneumatic airguns, a barrier has existed for anybody interested in getting one – how do they fill the onboard tank? While high-pressure compressors and carbon-fiber tanks have answered that question, there hasn’t been an easy solution for PCP airgunning … until now.

The Umarex Komplete NCR is powered by a 32-gram NitroAir® cartridge. Pre-filled with Nitrogen, the NitroAir cartridge delivers a higher pressure (3,600 PSI) than a CO2 cartridge of the same size.

Shooters can expect more than 45 consistent shots from each NitroAir cartridge. After the cartridge is empty, unscrew it from the rifle, toss it in recycling and install a new one to keep shooting.

The Komplete fires a .177 pellet at 1,025 FPS and a .22 pellet at 975 FPS. That works out to 24.7 or 23.9 foot-pounds of impact energy for small-game hunting or pesting. The .177 caliber has a 12-round magazine, while the .22 magazine holds 10 pellets. The Komplete comes with a 4×32 scope and mounts, while an integrated SilenceAir delivers whisper-quiet shooting.

The Umarex Komplete NCR delivers PCP power and performance without the need for expensive or bulky accessories at an affordable $199.99 MSRP.

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