Tyrant CNC Sig Sauer P365 Intellifire Trigger Presale

Tyrant CNC presale of their Sig Sauer P365 Intellifire Trigger has started.

What could be better than a SIG SAUER P365? How about a P365 with the Tyrant CNC IntelliFire™ dual safety blade action trigger, with a solid 90 degree break AND 30% less pre-travel/take up!

The SIG SAUER P365 has made waves in the concealed carry world, revered for its compact size and powerful punch. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an everyday carrier, reliability is key. The Tyrant CNC IntelliFire™ Trigger System, specifically tailored for the P365, pushes the boundaries of what you can expect from aftermarket trigger enhancements.

In the realm of firearm customization, the trigger plays a pivotal role, influencing both the firearm’s performance and the safety of its operator. Although a capable and favored handgun, the Sig P365 lacks the traditionally-used safety feature; the trigger safety. Tyrant CNC, fully recognizing the importance and demand for additional safety features, crafted the IntelliFire™ Trigger System with aerospace-like precision, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with the SIG SAUER P365.

Crafted for Durability and Precision
Built to withstand the daily rigors of use and ensure peak performance, the trigger boasts a robust 12L14 steel body. Lightweight 6061 aluminum safety blades further accentuate its durability and precision. A Stainless steel and heat treated internal spring ensures reliability of use that will outlive the firearms duty cycle.

Safety First: A Dual Safety Blade System
Safety in firearms is non-negotiable. The standout feature of this trigger is its patent-pending dual safety blade system. The OEM Grip module of the P365 offers only a narrow window of clearance, making traditional safety blade designs impossible to function. This is where the genius of Tyrant CNC shines. Through innovative geometry and a specialized spring, the IntelliFire™ safety blade system utilizes a 3:1 lever ratio in order to clear the grip module when activated. However, if the front blade remains undepressed, the rear blade will directly impact the 365 Grip Module preventing the firing pin from dropping, and enhancing safety.

Reduced Pre-Travel & Hybrid Ergonomics
The trigger facilitates a 30% reduction in pre-travel, ensuring a smoother and quicker shooting experience without compromising on safety. Further enhancing the user experience, Tyrant CNC incorporates its signature hybrid trigger ergonomics, featuring a flat face with a subtle bottom curve – the ideal blend for optimal performance. Experience a consistent break at the 90 degree angle, making your initial AND follow up shots the closest groupings you can have.

With the Tyrant CNC IntelliFire™ Trigger System, you’re investing in unmatched engineering and an unwavering focus on safety. Elevate your confidence in daily or concealed carry, especially for those favoring appendix carry, and arm your SIG SAUER P365 with cutting-edge trigger technology.

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