Typhon X1 Bowfishing Kit

Typhon X1 Bowfishing Kit

Bowfishing combines the tradition of bowhunting with the challenge of fishing. The Typhon X1 Bowfishing Kit assembles the perfect package for bowfishers of all skill levels, featuring high-quality, top-of-the-line components that help you bring in your catch. The Typhon’s low, adjustable draw weight lets you get off shots quickly so you can match the speed of darting fish.

  • Fully-assembled bowfishing package
  • Adjustable draw weights and draw lengths fit most archers, no bow press needed
  • Bottle Reel assembly with 200-pound test Dyneema line
  • Durable aluminum V-style arrow rest
  • 33-inch fiberglass glow arrow with quick-release carp point and Cajun™ ACS slide system
  • Rubberized finger savers for a positive, slip-free grip on the string
  • Sirphis Pulse camo pattern

The CenterPoint Typhon™ X1 Bowfishing Kit is available at for $349.99

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