TV Personality C.A. Richardson Joins Captains for Clean Water Board

TV Personality C.A. Richardson Joins Captains for Clean Water Board

We’re super excited to welcome Capt. C.A. Richardson to our Board of Directors! Capt. C.A., a native Floridian and leader in conservation efforts, has been a committed ambassador in the fight for clean water since we started CFCW seven years ago.

A professional fishing guide and television personality of over 25 years, C.A. has a strong presence in the outdoor community. He’s used his platforms, like his longtime running show, Flats Class TV, to amplify our mission and spread awareness.

“I think it’s my hallmark responsibility at this point in my career to do everything I can to support the fight for clean water. I’ve spent a lifetime fishing Florida’s waters—from decades guiding on Tampa Bay, to filming at all the iconic waterways on Flats Class TV, to now living on the Nature Coast—and there’s really nowhere else like this,” he says.

“But if we allow our waterways and estuaries to be diminished any further, there will be no future for Florida. And that’s unacceptable!”

Beyond leveraging his digital platforms to advance the clean-water movement, Capt. C.A. has always been an active contributor in our organization’s efforts.

He’s hosted events for us, he’s travelled to Tallahassee with us, and he’s always willing to use his voice to stand up for our waters, like when he testified at the Senate Committee Hearing during a critical moment in the fight against Senate Bill 2508 in 2022.

“I’ve never been one to stand back and watch as the waters I enjoy suffer, and neither should anyone else,” he says of our responsibility to protect our waters. “That’s why I’ve stood alongside Daniel and Chris in this fight since day one, but now I’m eager and excited to start on the Board with Captains For Clean Water and take my commitment to this movement even further.”

With C.A.’s new seat on the Board, he’ll have the opportunity to strengthen communications and relationships between the organization and outdoor brands as well as cultivate nation-wide support among outdoorsmen and women.

“We are delighted to welcome Captain C.A. to our passionate board of directors,” says Gene Nesbeda, CFCW Board Chair.

“His extensive expertise and leadership in the outdoor industry will enrich our team and guide our organization toward new heights. We look forward to working closely with him as we wholeheartedly pursue our mission to restore and protect Florida’s water.”

CFCW Executive Director, Capt. Daniel Andrews, adds, “C.A. has been a leader in conservation and a devoted advocate for CFCW’s efforts since the very beginning. He’s had an undeniable impact in the fight throughout the years, so we’re excited to bring him onto the board where he can continue to help us further our mission by educating and inspiring more passionate people to get involved in the fight for clean water.”

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