TROY Introduces the Troy Long Rifle (TLR) MK12 & MK12 SDMR

TROY® Industries, is proud to announce the Troy Long Rifle (TLR) MK12 series of performance driven precision rifles. The MK12 will unlock unmatched precision and allow you to reach out to previously unimaginable distances with the 5.56mm platform.

The beating heart of every precision gun is its barrel. Troy has painstakingly chosen 18” 1:8 twist barrels for the MK12. Each is chambered in .223 Wylde, ensuring the MK12 maintains pinpoint accuracy with a dynamic range of 5.56mm and .223 cartridge loadings.

Troy chose a medium profile barrel to balance muzzle weight, heat tolerance, and barrel harmonics in the MK12, because when seconds are on the line, failure isn’t an option. The rifle-length gas system ensures you’ll be able to squeeze off quick follow-up shots with this smooth, soft shooting rifle to get as many effective hits on target as necessary.

The 4.5lb two-stage LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Straight Bow trigger gives you a consistent, predictable break with the best trigger in the industry so you can send every shot exactly where you need it to go.

The Troy Suppressor Ready Flash Hider is a four-prong muzzle device that will all but eliminate muzzle flash in low-light scenarios. It’s ready to mount the TROY suppressor should you need to further reduce your sound and flash signature — and protect your own situational awareness.

The drawback to suppressor use is increased back pressure and harmful gas blowback. Troy has alleviated that problem by including their new Pneuma™ Gas Diverting Ambi Charging Handle with the MK12. The Pneuma™ diverts those gasses away from your face, instantly increasing your ability to keep your focus on target during suppressed shooting.

The upper and lower receiver of the MK12 are mil-spec and CNC machined from forged 7075 Aluminum for life-long strength and durability. They are Type III hard coat anodized and won’t succumb to the elements, wherever duty calls you. The fire-selector is ambidextrous for ease of use and offers fluid engagement regardless of firing hand position.

Attached to the upper receiver is Troy’s 15” Gen 2 SOCC rail. The Gen 2 SOCC gives you space for the force-multiplying attachments you need to make your shots count. It’s thin, snag-free, and knurled — perfect for a c-clamp style grip. The Gen 2 SOCC is lightweight, offsetting the added weight of must-have lights, lasers, or bipods.

The Gen 2 SOCC secures to the MK12’s upper receiver with Troy’s innovative, patented, combat proven, quad-lock system. The rail will hold zero through tough environments and extended use. Four quick-detach sling swivels give you plenty of options for sling attachment without additional rail accessories — or weight.

The MK12 comes equipped with Troy’s legendary 45° Offset BattleSights. Proven in countless theaters across the globe, Troy BattleSights remain the number one choice for military, law enforcement, and discerning shooters when they need a reliable BUIS system. BattleSights are the perfect redundancy system and CQB sight for magnified optics.

All MK12 rifles come packaged in a Condition1 45” hard case. These cases are IP67 waterproof and dustproof to protect against the elements. Each case is equipped with heavy-duty rubberized wheels offering stability and reduced vibration no matter what terrain.

The MK12 doesn’t rest on the laurels of Troy’s 20-year history of proven performance. In testing, Troy shooters proved the MK12 as a consistent sub-MOA rifle. Over half a dozen shooters of varying skill levels each put five shot groups out to 1,000 meters and each shooter hit their targets with each shot.

The MK12 offers unmatched precision in a lightweight chassis. It will take the 5.56 platform out farther than you ever thought possible. But it’s just the foundation of the TLR line. Troy have outfitted the MK12 in two different packages.

  • MK12
    • Base precision .223 Wylde rifle.
    • Ideal for shooters who already own an optic and accessories they plan to mount for their specific needs.

  • MK12 SDMR
    • Fitted with a ZeroTech Vengeance 5-25x56mm RMG scope,
    • Warne Precision Cantilever 34mm mount
    • Harris S-BRM-MLOK Bipod.
    • Ideal for shooters ready to dominate the PRS circuit or varmint hunters with stringent accuracy and performance demands.

Precision and performance when failure isn’t an option. The TROY MK12. A rifle with duty-rated reliability and incredible precision, designed to safeguard your life and others.

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