Trijicon Introduces the New RMR HD – A Duty Grade Optic Ready for the Toughest Conditions

Trijicon Introduces the New RMR HD – A Duty Grade Optic Ready for the Toughest Conditions

The Trijicon RMR® created the standard for what a miniature rugged reflex optic should be. Not coincidentally, the RMR immediately became a favorite duty optic, and Trijicon RMR optics have been proven in the most demanding environments on earth by U.S. Special Operations, law enforcement agencies, and individuals in personal defense situations.

Now, Trijicon once again sets the standard with the new RMR® HD, an optic specifically designed for the evolving needs of law enforcement and the armed forces.

Built on the foundation of the Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED model, the RMR HD features a large, clear lens made from tempered glass and has the same footprint as the RMR. The larger lens provides an unobstructed view of the target and aids in finding and tracking the reticle more easily.

The new RMR HD reticle allows the user to toggle between a 55 MOA segmented circle reticle with a center dot, or a crisp dot-only option, both of which include a new super bright setting and an additional night vision setting. Models are available with either a 1.0 MOA or 3.25 MOA center dot.

In auto mode, the RMR HD’s advanced forward-looking light sensor automatically adjusts dot brightness to the target environment for effective use in any lighting scenario, including the use of a weapon light. The auto-brightness range can also be customized so that the auto mode will vary in a higher or lower range depending on the user’s preference, and a button “lock out” mode will keep the RMR HD in auto mode even if a button is inadvertently pressed.

With nine brightness settings, controlled by larger, more responsive buttons, the user can also easily select which brightness level they would like when in manual mode and “lock-in” that setting indefinitely if they choose.

The RMR HD features a top-loading battery compartment, allowing the RMR HD’s single CR2032 battery to be replaced quickly and easily without the need to re-confirm the zero of the optic. The battery will provide over three years of continuous use at the dot-only brightness setting 5 of 9 at 70ºF.

The RMR HD is compatible with all existing RMR mounts and optics-ready pistols and is designed to fit many existing optics-ready duty holsters. The RMR HD is also sized to work with optic-height co-witness sights built for the current RMR or SRO.

The patented RMR-shape of the forged 7075 T-6 aluminum housing absorbs recoil and other impacts and diverts stresses away from the lens. Built with Trijicon’s precision engineering expertise, the optic’s elevation and windage adjustments are audible, precise, and repeatable, without the need for any special tools. The optic is waterproof up to 66 ft., is drop tested, vibration tested, and will operate in extreme temperatures.

The Made-in-USA Trijicon RMR HD is ready for those who require a feature-rich optic with high performance and ultra-reliability.

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