Trango Announces Colab with Outdoor Radio Powerhouse, Rocky Talkie

Trango, a leading designer and developer of premier climbing equipment, announces a new collaboration with Rocky Talkie. Trango, the Colorado-based brand built by and for climbers, has long been a leader in developing high-performance equipment for climbers and other backcountry adventurers. When Rocky Talkie needed a lightweight, low profile, full-strength rated carabiner for outdoor lovers to use to attach their radio to a backpack or harness, Trango stepped up.

“The goal was to develop a lightweight, compact carabiner that has better handling and functionality than others in the same category,” says Trango president, Chris Klinke. “We got to work and developed the Quantum, an ultra-light aluminum carabiner that’s rated for full-climbing use.”

Having radios that integrate seamlessly with the carabiner is part of Rocky Talkie’s ethos. The brand focused on pairing the Mountain Radio with a fully-rated climbing carabiner that is as light as possible, while maintaining critical functionality, including a large gate opening. Rocky Talkie chose Trango as a partner because Trango is a highly respected climbing brand with a reputation for innovation and quality. Together, Trango and Rocky Talkie developed the Trango Quantum, which is an ultralight full functionality carabiner. The brands also collaborated on the new Trango Triton, a locking carabiner that is resistant to water damage for use with the waterproof 5 Watt GMRS radio.

Alex Page, Rocky Talkie co-founder and Head of Product says, “When we started seeking a partner to design a new state-of-the-art carabiner with, we knew we wanted to work with another Colorado based company. We’ve always had a ton of respect for Trango and loved their gear. It’s been really cool to work with them through each stage of the design.”

Coming in at only 24-grams, the Quantum punches far above its weight class, with an open gate strength of 7 kN, a minor axis strength rating of 7 kN, and a closed gate, major axis strength a whopping 20 kN. The double bent wire gate carabiner has a low-profile (77.3 mm x 46.6 mm), with a gate opening of 19 mm and basket depth of 29.5 mm.

The Quantum carabiners on the Rocky Talkies are etched with both Rocky Talkie’s name and logo, and the iconic Trango logo. Trango’s name and logo come from the Trango Towers in Pakistan’s northern Gilgit-Baltistan region; one of the most coveted and classic peaks in the world.

The Mountain Radio (2 Watt FRS radio) featuring the Trango Quantum carabiner will be available in late-February.

The 5 Watt Radio (GMRS radio) has an optional attachment for either the Trango Quantum or the Triton Locking carabiner. The radio is available now with the Quantum carabiner.

About Trango

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About Rocky Talkie

Founded in 2019, Rocky Talkie is guided by a simple truth: backcountry communication doesn’t need to be complex. Designed and rigorously tested in the Colorado Rockies, Rocky Talkie radios are intuitive to use, rugged, lightweight and trusted by outdoor professionals and enthusiasts alike. In its commitment to adventure, Rocky Talkie pledges $2 from each radio sold to the vital work of search and rescue teams across the country. Learn more at