Tournament Metal Detecting Fishing for Cash

Tournament Metal Detecting Fishing for Cash

CHICAGO, IL – Metal detecting is inherently competitive. It’s you against an earth that hides its valuable and often historical treasures. Over the years, mother nature covers them with sand, silt, and other substrates. Moreover, man sometimes grows grass over future-finds, even buries them with rock and gravel.

The consequences of time are your adversary.

Now, Minelab – the world leader in metal detection – introduces another opponent: other metal detecting enthusiasts. The “Masters of Metal” Metal Detecting Championship welcomes all levels of detectorists to compete at three regional competitions scheduled around the country for a chance to battle for treasure at the final championship.

At each regional event, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place teams will qualify for the Championship. Regional 1st Place teams will receive $2,500 (in total) to help cover travel expenses to the Championship. Regional 2nd Place teams will receive $1,500 (in total) for expenses to the Championship. Regional 3rd Place teams will receive $1,100 (in total) for expenses to the Championship. The final Champions will receive Minelab’s premier metal detector model, the MANTICORE and a trophy claiming their best in detecting victory.


IDENTIFY the TARGET: One area will be pre-seeded with targets. Each team member will go through the area individually for a predetermined amount of time and identify each target and the type of alloy. When completed, the next team member will enter until the whole team has completed the mission. Time and accuracy of identification will be combined to determine the winning team.

TOKEN HUNT: Tokens will be pre-seeded in a specific area. All teams will detect as many tokens as possible, to be turned into judges at the end of the 60-minute period. The winning team will be determined by the highest number of tokens found.

CLAIM JUMPER: Teams will enter a quest to detect specific targets throughout an area divided into 4 sections. To proceed to the next section, all members must successfully complete the target quest. The winning team will be determined by all 4 members crossing the finish line in the fastest time.

To compete, each team of 4 participants (plus one alternate) must pre-register and pay a $100 team fee. A schedule with event time slots will be sent to each competing team once registration is closed. All participants will receive original Minelab swag, however only the winning teams will be compensated with Minelab awards.

The Regional and Championships schedule:
• October 7 – 8, 2023: Regional Event #2 at Central Florida Silver & Relic Hunt 2023, 465 W., Highbanks Rd, Debary, Florida
• October 13 – 15, 2023: Regional Event #3 at Treasure Fest 6, Caddo Trading Co, 281 Kadoha Rd, Murfreesboro, Arkansas
• November 10 – 12: Masters of Metal Championship at Alabama Gold Camp, 1398 Co. Rd 5., Lineville, Alabama

For more information, official rules, and to register for the Masters of Metal Championship please visit: