Tough Soft Plastic Worm Better Than Live Bait?

Tough Soft Plastic Worm Better Than Live Bait?

BEMIDJI, Minn.– The name “Eye-Candy” suggested by JMO host and veteran Devils Lake guide, Jason Mitchell, the transformative soft plastic walleye bait family comprises five shapes in an almost endless array of walleye-specific colors.

Northland Marketing Director, Mike Anselmo, summarizes: “Our pro staff team members and in-house bait designers came together and sketched out shapes, sizes, colors, and movements that would offer walleye anglers something completely new and different. But it wasn’t for the sake of just being different. Everyone collaborated on creating the kind of walleye soft plastics we’d all been wishing for.”

But there’s even more to Northland’s new Eye-Candy than five striking new shapes with fish-attracting movements. Like Eye-Candy’s unique composition—a deviation from the typical PVC-type soft plastics—Northland chose a Super TPE material that’s ultra-stretchy, beyond tough, ultra-buoyant, absorptive, and holds up to countless bites. It’s also spongy and holds scent well.

Eye-Candy™ Nightcrawler

The ‘crawler bite is on: all manner of harness and spinner rigs, Death Rig Jigs, etc. And every angler knows you can burn through a lot of meat during this time of year—as in an entire flat of ‘crawlers sacrificed to ‘eyes and nuisance fish.

Eliminating soiled hands, messy boat floors, and wasted time re-baiting harnesses with mucous-y, writhing worms, Northland’s new Eye-Candy Nightcrawler is a godsend.

Northland’s Super TPE formula allows the Eye-Candy Nightcrawler to move and swim like the real thing. And unlike its live counterpart, the Eye-Candy Nightcrawler’s durability allows you to catch fish after fish on the same bait without re-baiting. After all, it’s all about keeping your bait in the strike zone, not the boat.

“The Eye Candy Nightcrawler just catches fish,” says JMO host and Northland pro staffer, Jason Mitchell, “it has a nice, soft action, is durable, and absorbs scent well. It floats, too, so it works great trolled on a nightcrawler harness in place of live bait.”

Mitchell continues: “It’s also deadly on a dropshot simply nose-hooked, even wacky-rigged. And I like to fish it on a jig—either the Northland Slurp! Jig Head or the new, longer-shank Tungsten Jig.”

Mille Lacs Lake guide, Brad Hawthorne, throws in: “The Nightcrawler is probably the sleeper of the entire Eye-Candy line. That thing’s a knockout. I fish it on a traditional walleye spinner and we’re processing 30 to 40 fish before you need to change the plastic.”

The Eye-Candy Nightcrawler is 6-inches long and available in eight colors: 1-Pearl White; 1081-Sunrise Core; 3-Black; 410-Purple Chartreuse; 7-Natural; 611-Pink Silver; 74-Natural Core; and 85-Firecracker.

MSRP: $7.99 for 5 baits.

Northland Marketing Director, Mike Anselmo, concludes: “In terms of enthusiasm and sales on the consumer side, Eye-Candy is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a very small sample size. And the reception from our wholesale partners has been nothing short of enthusiastic. All things point to an incredible full launch in 2024. And where the rubber meets the road—or should I say the water—anglers are reporting great success with these walleye soft plastics.”
SPINNER RIG HARNESSES to pair with the Eye-Candy Nightcrawler


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