Top Selling Double Feed Trainer Now Available in .223 Caliber

The industry popular Type 3 Malfunction Round is now available in .223 Remington. The Type 3 Malfunction Round developed and manufactured by Live Fire Tactical Training LLC simulates a double feed or type 3 malfunction for the purposes of helping the user train in the proper clearance of that type of malfunction.

Previously only available in popular handgun calibers, the Type 3 Malfunction Round .223 will bring the same predictable and effective training opportunity to those who work with and train with AR style carbines.

“Our customers get a lot of value from the Type 3 Malfunction Round” said Jacob Paulsen, President of which is an authorized reseller of the product. “The data makes it clear that malfunctions do occur in gunfights and practicing the proper clearance techniques is important for anyone who is serious about defensive shooting.”

The Type 3 Malfunction Rounds are now available in .380, 9mm, .40, .45, and .223 and can be found available for purchase at various local gun stores as well as at