Thyrm Switchback

Thyrm Switchback

I’ve found that once in awhile it’s good to reintroduce older products to the SSD readership as there are constantly new readers coming on board.

The Switchback is a flashlight accessory which screws a retention ring into place between the body and tail cap. It has become a mainstay of the Thyrm line and expanded over time to five different models which will fit most popular handheld lights.

• The now defunct SwitchBack Large was the original SwitchBack Large, compatible with many 1-inch diameter lights.

SwitchBack Large 2.0 is the newest version of the Large SwitchBack, compatible with even more 1-inch diameter lights and with several improved features.

SwitchBack DF is an extra-large flashlight ring that is compatible with Surefire Dual Fuel handheld lights and Pelican 7600 flashlights.

SwitchBack HOG is an extra-extra-large flashlight ring that is compatible with the Modlite HOG handheld light.

SwitchBack S Backup is a smaller flashlight ring that is compatible with most Surefire “EDC” and legacy Backup lights.

Many appreciate the versatility the SwitchBack adds to handheld lights by aiding retention, but the most common criticism I hear is from people who have never actually tried one.

They either rely soley on a weapon mounted light, which means they’ve got to expose their pistol and point it at things they might not want to point a weapon at, or they see others use a modified shooting grip with the flashlight and declare that they don’t shoot that way.

Got it. I don’t either. But I do like to know that I’m not going to accidentally drop my light while I’m using it.

For those of you who do shoot that way, SwitchBack makes it much easier to establish and maintain a solid grip on your light.

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