The Ultimate Deck Boot for Unmatched Performance

The Ultimate Deck Boot for Unmatched Performance

Dryshod, the new benchmark in performance waterproof boots and shoes, has expanded its outdoor and occupational footwear offerings with the introduction of the new Slipnot deck boot. Developed to keep feet dry and footing solid on wet and slippery boat decks, the new Slipnot is an ankle-high slip-on boot that delivers all-day comfort and support for those who work or play on the water.

Designed and manufactured to Dryshod’s industry-leading standards, the Slipnot begins with a non-marring, rubber outsole with SULFADEX™ grip enhancer in combination with the exclusive micro-etched CROSSTAR™ tread pattern. The combination of materials and tread configuration offers exceptional grip on wet or dry surfaces—including wood, fiberglass, or carpet—with the ability to displace and squeegee away water for omni-directional grip performance.

The Slipnot is ideal for warm weather wear thanks to the WIXIT Cool-Clad wicking air mesh lining. By promoting ample air flow through the lining’s integrated micro-dot perforations, the Slipnot keeps feet cooler and drier than conventional waterproof deck boots. Further aiding comfort is the Slipnot’s 9-inch high upper that delivers lower ankle, upper instep, and Achilles tendon protection with an easy on, easy off rocker-style topline and rigid heel kick.

Dryshod’s Slipnot deck boots stand out as the top choice among competitors, renowned for their robust construction and durability. These boots feature a steel shank for exceptional arch support and enhanced reinforcement around the heel and toe areas. Built to withstand the rigors of daily wear, they are crafted to provide long-lasting comfort and stability. Whether navigating wet boat decks or tackling rugged terrains, the Slipnot ensures reliable performance.

Available in men’s sizes 7-13, the Slipnot comes in two color schemes: Navy with a red sole or Grey with an orange sole. Also available in women’s sizes 6-11, comes in two color schemes: Ghost Grey or Navy.

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About Dryshod

The team behind Dryshod was the first to develop the bootie-style neoprene-and-rubber boot category over 20 years ago. Now they have elevated protective footwear performance through the application of advanced materials, field-proven construction techniques, and purpose-built designs—all to ensure Dryshod consumers receive the highest quality, best performing, and most comfortable waterproof boots for any task or adventure. Dryshod’s mission is to provide farmers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who works or plays in wet, sloppy, and cold conditions with the most durable, reliable and comfortable 100-percent waterproof footwear available. To learn more about the Dryshod Waterproof Footwear difference, visit