The Three Biggest Problems With Fillet Knives Solved

The Three Biggest Problems With Fillet Knives Solved

Relentless Knives USA – Titanium Fillet Knives Featuring perpetual Edge Technology

Ask any angler what the three biggest problems are with the current fillet lineup, and you will likely hear:

  1. The edge dulls quickly, usually after filleting just 3-4 fish.
  2. The knife begins to rust as soon as it meets water.
  3. The grip becomes a liability when your hands are covered in fish oils and blood.

Relentless Knives USA has solved all 3 of these problems with their “cutting edge” innovative lineup of Titanium, self-sharpening fillet knives. Ever heard of anyone filleting 1,000, 2,000 or even 3,000+ fish without having to sharpen their fillet knife? At Relentless we hear that a lot. It is why we got started.

Friends asked George Lambert a knife maker, angler, and the inventor of Relentless Knives “Perpetual Edge Technology TM” if he could make a fillet knife that would not rust, would stay sharp longer, and would not slip in your hands when covered in blood and fish oils. Having worked in the aerospace industry for several years he knew that Titanium was strong, lightweight, flexible, and most importantly, would never rust. The problem was that titanium is soft and would not hold an edge very long, so he needed to diverge from over 2,700 years of conventional thinking to find a way to make a blade edge work differently. He knew he needed to change the way a blade edge wears in order to make Titanium a viable blade metal. But how? The answer came via Mother Nature and the beaver. Ever wonder how a beaver’s teeth provide a lifetime of service to the animal while we cannot make a fillet knife that can fillet more than a few fish without having to be sharpened? The solution was simple, a beaver’s tooth has a front side that is fortified with iron to make it much harder than the back side of the animal’s tooth. This creates a differential in hardness between the two sides and allows the softer side to wear faster relative to and along the harder side. The differential in hardness equates to different wear rates and results in a self-sharpening edge. We were able to recreate the same differential in hardness on our knives by making one side of the edge harder than the other.

We start by using 100% aerospace grade titanium. We use spark and laser deposition to bond tungsten or titanium carbide and our crushed diamond compound to one side of the blade edge. By using one of the hardest metal carbides and the hardest substance we accomplish what mother nature did and created the same differential in hardness that allows our patented edge to sharpen as it cuts. The result, 1,000, 2,000 even 3,000+ fish filleted, and the edge is still going strong.

We did not stop there. We figured out how to make a knife that will not rust and will stay sharp longer than any other knife, but we still had not created a grip that would ensure the safe and effective control of the blade. What could be slip resistant and non-abrasive? Something that would endure the elements and ensure a good grip in the wettest of conditions? Something like…. a pool deck coating? And just like that the last piece of the problem was solved. We tested several other knife handles, and nothing provided the grippiness that we were looking for until we married our ergonomic glass-reenforced ABS plastic handle and our new “pool deck” coating. The result, a handle that provides maximum hand to handle contact and an unmatched grip that ensures that you have complete control of your knife no matter how wet and slimy your hands are.

Relentless offers 5 regular flex fillet knives; 6”, 7” and 9” curved fillet knives and 8” and 10” straight fillet knives featuring our Perpetual Edge TechnologyTM, titanium never rust blades and our True-Grit handles. We offer a 90-day Performance Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty. If our knives don’t perpetually maintain their edge, let us know within 90 days of purchase and we will buy it back. Better yet, we stand behind our knives for as long as they are around. If you damage them or need any sort of edge, handle, or sheath maintenance we will do everything we can to get them as close to “like new” as we can as long as you, your children or grandchildren own them.

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