The Rowdy XL from Bond Arms®

The Rowdy XL from Bond Arms®

So what would be better than taking Bond Arm’s popular Rough Series .45/410 Rowdy out to the range and firing off a few rounds? How about squeezing off a few rounds from Bond’s new Rowdy XL.

Bond Arms has taken all the things firearms enthusiasts love about the Rowdy, including its solid frame, quality engineered parts, and the power of the .45 Colt or .410 bore. But they didn’t stop there. They’ve improved it, enhancing the quality and comfort with the new Rowdy XL.

The Rowdy XL features a slightly larger 3.5″ barrel for better accuracy and B6 Grips with a smooth backstrap for a superior hold. Like its counterpart, the Rowdy XL also features a stainless steel double barrel and stainless steel frame, is compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels, and an automatic spent casing extractor. Bond’s Rowdy XL also sports a patented rebounding hammer, retracting firing pins, cross-bolt safety, and a spring-loaded, cammed locking lever.

The Rowdy XL has substantially less recoil than the original Rowdy, mostly due to the new B6 Grips, which evenly distribute recoil while providing a full-hand feel. The Rowdy XL’s extra barrel length also adds a little bit of weight as opposed to the original Rowdy, which further helps with some of the recoil. The Rowdy XL can be fitted with any of the barrels that Bond features for their original hand cannons, except the Stinger and the Cyclops lines.

The Rowdy XL, despite its power and features, comes in at just 6” in length, 4.37” in height, and weighs just 22 ounces. This compact size and light weight make it a highly convenient and portable option. With a 7-pound trigger pull weight, this single-action, stainless steel hand cannon is not just powerful, but also one of the most convenient products on the market. That’s all without sacrificing the premium fit and finish that Bond Arms is famous for, using their process to trim down the Rowdy XL to create a firearm that is as robust as their pre-existing models.

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This item is not available in California or Massachusetts.

Rowdy XL Features:

  • .45LC/.410 calibers
  • B6 resin grip material
  • Extended grip size
  • Fixed sights
  • Single Action
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rebouding Hammer
  • Automatic Spent Casting Extractor
  • Retracting Firing Pins
  • Spring Loaded, Cammed Locking Lever
  • Trigger guard
  • 7lb. trigger pull weight

Rowdy XL Specs:

  • 3.5 in. barrel length
  • 5.75 in.
  • 22 oz
  • 6.0″ Length, 4.37″ Height
  • 2 shot capacity
  • Single action
  • MSRP – $349.00

BOND ARMS, INC. is located in Granbury, Texas, and manufactures the award-winning Bond Arms Derringer – the finest in double barrel protection. Originally organized under the name Texas Armory, the company became incorporated as Bond Arms in 1995 with the idea that the Remington Model 95 over-under, single-action derringer could be converted from an Old West anachronism into a modern & reliable handgun. The barrel and frame were redesigned to safely fire modern calibers & the entire handgun is constructed entirely from stainless steel. This makes for a pistol that’s both strong and durable.

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