Due to popular demand, Walther Arms, Inc. is extending the current Federal Ammunition consumer promotion. Now, consumers will have until July 31, 2024, to purchase an eligible Walther handgun and to receive complimentary Federal Punch Ammunition. Tier One: Purchase any Walther P22 handgun and receive 200 rounds of Federal Punch .22 LR ammo (MSRP: $47.96). Tier Two: Purchase any Walther WMP and receive 100 rounds of Federal Punch .22 WMR ammo (MSRP: $53.98). From dedicated shooting enthusiasts seeking long-lasting durability to new shooters shopping for a reliable, precision-focused firearm, this promotion seamlessly combines the well-earned prestige of the Walther brand with the superiority of Federal Ammunition. Promotional Details: This promotion excludes VIP and IOP discounts. Consumers must submit a valid receipt showing they purchased the specified Walther handgun model within the giveaway dates/time frame (between 5/1/24 and 7/31/24) and submit a picture of the label on the box showing the serial number on or before August 31, 2024. Ammunition redemption will take 2-5 weeks for processing and handling. Only one redemption per serial number is allowed. Multiple redemptions will be allowed to consumers who purchase multiple pistols. Dealers are also encouraged to submit a redemption for their consumers if assistance is needed. Must be over the age of 18 to participate and follow all state, local and federal regulations. Redemptions should be done online at the following link: Walther Arms Inc. reserves the right to modify, change, deny, or discontinue this rebate at any time, for any reason. About Walther "It's your DUTY to be READY" is a message of sincerity that Walther must build the best performing firearms. It is a message to every shooter who understands the importance of firearms safety and the inalienable right to bear arms. It is a message to clearly and concisely show that Walther is doing everything in its power to support shooters everywhere with not just the absolute best in firearm innovation and performance but also access to the best training and informative firearms community. History has shown Walther's dedication to this message, beginning in 1886 and continuing today, with the innovative spirit that builds off the invention of the concealed carry gun by creating duty grade weapons such as the PDP and world-class rimfire products such as the P22 and WMP. Walther will continue its long tradition of technical expertise and innovation in the design and production of firearms to meet the demands of any customer. Excellent service and superior quality will continue to be benchmarks of Walther's success.

The Return off a Legend from Nightforce Optics

Cloners rejoice! Nightforce Optics is releasing a limited production run of the infamous NXS™ 2.5-10x24mm.

Based on the MK12 contract riflescope, this is the latest release of the NXS™ 2.5-10x24mm. The elevation turrets utilize the Nightforce exposed ZeroStop™ for a positive mechanical stop when returning to zero. Available with two reticle options, the MIL-R™ or MOAR™, and an integrated and removable Power Throw Lever.

This super compact, highly capable optic is ready for duty or your next clone build.

Available now at select Nightforce Dealers.