The Outdoor Group Launches Altra Arrows

The Outdoor Group is excited to announce its launch of Altra Arrows this coming September. Built on an architecture of accuracy, comprised of high-grade carbon shafts, premium components, and sophisticated manufacturing processes – Altra Arrows is set to elevate the archery world with the most accurate and efficient arrows on the market.

“Altra Arrows has been an extensive project in product development to create an arrow that surpasses the expectations of the archer. We set out to create a premium arrow brand and refused to settle for anything less. We are confident and excited to bring Altra Arrows to the market and provide this quality of arrow to our consumers.” – Josh Sidebottom, COO at The Outdoor Group

Altra Arrows™ was brought to life through a strong desire to innovate. In combination with extensive attention to detail, ensuring maximum accuracy and efficiency with a level of incomparable consistency, and state-of-the-art measuring and weight matching processes you are getting the most consistently precise arrows available. Moreover, our complete product line was created with customizability in mind. With a wide selection of arrows in straightness and spine offerings, along with a variety of compatible components, our customers will conveniently be able to build a premium arrow setup that is specific to their bow and specs. Simply put, this is going to be a gamechanger for both hunters and competitive archers.

“We believe the exhaustive level of detail, tolerancing, and performance of both Altra Arrows and their respective components and accessories will be the new standard for precision & performance within the arrow segment.” – Daniel Karcher, Product Manager at The Outdoor Group

Altra Arrows™ superior shafts are manufactured from a proprietary blend of high modulus carbon reducing the spine (stiff axis of arrow). This sophisticated construction results in Altra Arrows™ NO SPINE Technology, delivering an unrivaled arrow with improved tunability and increased consistency. The shafts are accompanied by premium components made from high grade aluminum and stainless steel. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Altra Arrows™ Centrum Premier line has officially set the mark for quality with a straightness of .001”, with our Centrum Limited line keeping close in straightness at .003”. Altra Arrows attention to detail helps create better archers so that they can reach The Pinnacle of Precision & Performance™.

Altra Arrows™ will be available for purchase starting September 2023. To learn more and purchase for yourself, visit on our website at!



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