The Jeep Gladiator Now Offers a Brand-Approved Modular Camper System

For truck owners seeking overlanding solutions for their rigs, there’s a seemingly endless array of camper shell manufacturers to choose from. (In fact, according to Truck Camper Adventure, there are more than 40 out there.) Which camper shell you ultimately choose is a big decision — but knowing your vehicle’s manufacturer backs one over the other can be a major vote of confidence.

For Jeep Gladiator owners, the search just got a little easier. Jeep recently announced its second collaboration with Utah-based Addax Overland — the new Jeep x Addax Gladiator Overlanding Camper.

Jeep and Addax Overland first announced their initial partnership at SEMA 2022 in the form of a minimalistic, 850-pound trailer capable of handling even the gnarliest terrain. For their second project, Jeep and Addax Overland designed their modular camper shell to maintain versatility anywhere you take it. The Gladiator was released in 2018, and since then, plenty of third-party manufacturers have created units that work with the truck’s distinctive dimensions, but this is the first camper shell the brand has had direct involvement in designing.

This modular camper shell is built with multi-piece construction, which allows customers to keep it simple or add on accessories and other elements to fully customize their setup.

The system starts with a basic 16-gauge stainless steel truck cap, which features a retractable roof — believe me, this is extremely handy when transporting cargo that is taller than the truck cap, or for when you need to access the cab-over rack and don’t feel like standing on your wheels (and inevitably knocking your shins on your fender flares).

Along with the retractable roof, the truck cap also features flip-up hatch doors (great for keeping the rain off your head while you’re packing up your rig), as well as flush-mounted windows for increased visibility.

You could try sleeping in the bed with just the truck cap, but Gladiator beds are notoriously short — you could probably make it work solo, but if you’re tall or have at least one other person (or dog) with you, you may want to invest in the aluminum-framed rooftop tent that was designed to work specifically with the truck cap. The RTT mounts directly onto the cap without the need for additional crossbars or a platform rack, saving weight and installation hassle.

The 175-pound tent was designed to offer more headroom than a traditional wedge tent, offering 76 inches of headroom alongside a 106 x 59-inch foam mattress that comfortably sleeps two. The tent and truck cap also feature interior LED lighting, which is a major plus — no more having to remember to bring your camping lantern or headlamp up and down with you each night and morning. The system includes 200-watt solar panels an exhaust fan in the tent, and a sound-dampening foam headliner with a Moab topographic pattern. If that’s not enough, Addax Overland says additional planned options include a 270-degree awning, rack system, truck bed organization and kitchen kit.

Jeep debuted the 2024 Gladiator and accompanying Jeep x Addax Gladiator Overlanding Camper at the Detroit Auto Show in October, announcing that the truck cap will start at $4,000. First deliveries are planned for spring 2024.