The Headrest Safe Company, LLC Introduces the Slide Headrest Safe

The Headrest Safe Company, LLC Introduces the Slide Headrest Safe

Homewood, Alabama – The Headrest Safe Company, LLC, innovators of the ultimate discreet vehicle safe storage system, is pleased to announce the new Slide Headrest Safe™. The Headrest Safe™ has quickly become the standard for anti-theft vehicle safes. The Headrest Safe™ is designed to provide maximum protection for your valuables or firearms. Keep all of your valuables safe when you are in and out of your vehicle. Hide and secure items in plain sight with The Headrest Safe™.

“When it comes to carrying your valuables or firearms in your vehicle, most people think they have to choose between safety and convenience,” said Louis Tuck, COO/CFO, The Headrest Safe Company LLC. “With The Headrest Safe™, you can have the best of both worlds: peace of mind that it’s secure, plus easy access.”

Keep your valuables and personal protection equipment safe and secure with the two-piece Slide Headrest Safe™. Whether going to the store, gym, beach, hiking, camping, fishing, or using a hotel or restaurant valet, your valuables are safe and secure. With its universal design, The Slide Headrest Safe™ will fit in almost all vehicles. With a quick-access biometric reader and keypad, you have rapid access to whatever you have securely stored away. You will never have to worry about taking your valuables with you again. The Slide Headrest Safe™ can only be removed by owner or installer. Link to installation video:

This two-piece also functions as a removable, easy-to-carry lockbox with an off-shoulder strap and is compliant in states where handguns must be securely stored during transport out of your vehicle. Need to hop on a flight with your firearm? No problem. It’s also TSA-compliant, enabling it for use during air transportation. Securely store anything of value and take it with you when you leave your vehicle. Colors include black, dark gray or light gray leatherette upholstery.

For those interested in carrying the line, please click here for more information about becoming an authorized dealer or buying direct from The Headrest Safe Company.

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About The Headrest Safe Company, LLC

As the innovator of the headrest safe industry, our mission is to provide the most robust, discreet vehicle safe storage system on the market. Doing so, we have provided peace of mind that your firearm or valuables are safe and secure; all the while allowing rapid access when you need it most. We utilize the most advanced materials available today.

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