The Headrest Safe Company Introduces Drivers Side Headrest Safe

The Headrest Safe Company Introduces Drivers Side Headrest Safe

The Headrest Safe Company, LLC, innovators of the ultimate discreet vehicle safe storage system, is pleased to announce the addition of Drivers Side Headrest Safe™. The Headrest Safe™ has quickly become the standard for anti-theft vehicle safes. The Headrest Safe™ is designed to provide maximum protection for your valuables or firearms. Keep all of your valuables safe when you are in and out of your vehicle. Hide and secure items in plain sight with The Headrest Safe™.

“When it comes to carrying your valuables or firearms in your vehicle, most people think they have to choose between safety and convenience,” said Louis Tuck, COO/CFO, The Headrest Safe Company LLC. “With The Headrest Safe™, you can have the best of both worlds: peace of mind that it’s secure, plus easy access.”

With the addition of the Driver’s Side Headrest Safe™, you now have a choice of a headrest safe on the driver or passenger seats, or both. No matter which side you choose, each safe opens to inside (towards the console) for safe and quick access to your secured items.

You can now take your firearm, cash, medications, and more with you in your vehicle and relax knowing it will stay out of the hands of kids, valets, or intruders. Keep them safe with The Headrest Safe™. The Headrest Safe Company uses the best quality materials, so you can count on your safe being tough. With three ways to open your safe (thumbprint, key, and code), you will have easy access to your valuables. Make sure your valuables are where you want them, when you need them.

With its universal design, the Headrest Safe™ will fit in virtually all vehicles with a 2-prong post headrest pattern and can easily be installed by yourself. With the quick access biometric lock reader and keypad, you will have rapid access to whatever you choose to have securely stored away. You will never have to worry about taking your valuables with you again. Link to installation video:


The Headrest Safe: $489.00

Bundle (Headrest Safe and Matching Companion) $585.00

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