The Green Way Outdoors Tours Savage Arms® Factory

The Green Way Outdoors Tours Savage Arms® Factory

Savage Arms®, an iconic firearm manufacturer, hosted The Green Way Outdoors of the HISTORY® Channel for an exclusive tour of its historic firearms manufacturing facility. The Green Way Outdoors is a one-of-a-kind program reaching new audiences and introducing the hunting and shooting industry via the HISTORY® channel and a large digital presence.

“It was a pleasure having The Green Way Outdoors in our factory because they are so passionate about the outdoors and the education of the younger generation,” said Chris Bezzina, President and CEO of Savage Arms. “Kyle and Ryan had a very genuine curiosity about our process and what makes Savage Arms the standard for American firearms manufacturing, and we were more than happy to take them through our process step by step.”

Chris Bezzina and Wayne Kratochvil, Sr. Materials Supervisor, gave Green and Parks the opportunity to walk the factory floor and build their very own Savage 110 Ultralite Elite chambered in .308 Win, as well as a 110 KLYM in 300 Win Mag.

“It was such an interesting experience making my own gun and learning the process,” said Kyle Green, host and executive producer of The Green Way Outdoors. “What stood out to me the most was how every single step in the process double-checks the step prior. This is just one example of why the Savage quality is so incredible”

Bezzina and Kratochvil explained the idea behind the building of the 110 Ultralite platform, and what makes this rifle unique. The Savage 110 Ultralite first debuted in 2020, while its most recent iteration – the 110 Ultralite Elite – became available in early 2024.

“The Savage team made us feel right at home and I could tell they are proud of what they do,” said Ryan Parks, producer of the HISTORY® Channel program. “American manufacturing is not dead. I loved learning about the interesting history of Savage and its commitment to keeping jobs here.”

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