The Fortitude Frame from Frontier Resolve LLC

More than just an ALICE pack frame for the 21st century

The Fortitude pack frame is the result of decades of use and comprehensive study of existing backpack frames from both the military and commercial industries.

Early rucksack frames were originally made from wood or heavy steel, and had few features to aid with comfort or load distribution. During the 1960s the first real improvement to pack frame design came to both military and civilian rucksacks in the form of aluminum tubing riveted together. These frames were light and strong, but often suffer from broken rivets and welds which made field repair extremely difficult. Many modern day frames are made from injection molded polymer which is more likely to fracture or crack than a metal frame. They often fail at the worst possible time, with little more to be done aside from a complete replacement with a fresh frame which you are unlikely to have along with you.

The Fortitude frame addresses all the issues that have plagued load carriage for decades, with a modern, modular design. Made entirely from light-weight aircraft grade aluminum, the frame is curved to match the profile of your back. It is thin enough to slightly flex with your body movement, but rigid enough vertically to support more than 150 lbs of weight. The monolithic design has no additional parts to break or wear out, so you can go the distance knowing your pack frame is up to the task. The Fortitude frame is designed to work with all versions of the legacy ALICE pack, including ALICE belts and shoulder straps. It is also fully cross compatible with the proven current USMC issue FILBE pack and FILBE components. Our design allows for the Fortitude frame to be used with a wide array of packs on the market, so pretty much any pack that accepts an ALICE frame will accept the Fortitude! It can also be used as a stand alone frame with no pack at all. Using just your preferred shoulder straps and waist belt, it can be used as a packboard to haul odd-sized duffle bags, waterproof bags, water containers, fuel cans, chainsaws, tools, fresh elk quarters, or pretty much anything!

Made with with pride in America!


• Strong monolithic aluminum design
• Available in Coyote Brown and Olive Drab green
• 2.6 lbs
• Milspec type 3 hardcoat anodized finish
• Modular design fits any pack that accepts an ALICE size frame
• Cross compatible with the USMC FILBE pack
• Can be used independently as a packboard
• Dozens of webbing cutouts for customization

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