Templar Knife Announces Expansion

Dallas, Texas– Templar Knife, founded in 2018, has quickly become the trusted leader of exceptional quality automatic, folding and fixed blade knives and is one of the fastest growing brands in the cutlery/knife category. As a value driven company, Templar’s products provide customers the opportunity to shop a wide range of quality, warrantied knives at a great price. The company has seen steady growth since the “covid years”, and in 2023 Templar has seen a massive rise in demand and are excited to announce their plans to expand and bring some of their manufacturing in-house.

Templar’s expansion will feature sophisticated new manufacturing equipment that will significantly boost the company’s production capacity for a broad range of knives including new designs and series that have yet to be offered in the marketplace. This will expedite the implementation of new product offerings to ensure world-class quality.

“This is an important milestone for Templar. With this expansion, we will increase production capacity substantially and simultaneously increase quality control,” said Shawn Cauble, CEO of Templar Knife. “I strongly believe that this growth is largely because our valued retail partners and of course our loyal customers. The addition of the new, in-house machines puts the company in a whole new category, and ultimately allows Templar to fulfill the needs of those retailers and consumers that are wanting 100% American made knives.”

The new production facility will feature new coating assets and a top-of-the-line fiber laser, boosting capacity for a wide range of designs. The plant will also showcase a state-of-art CNC machine, and EDM and End Mill machines adding to Templar’s set of solutions. The company has always strived to stay ahead of its competition, from functionality, creative designs to customer service and integrity, all of which has led the company to being considered one of the nation’s leading knife brands.

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About Templar

Templar Knife is a Texas family owned and operated business committed to offering quality Knives that best serve our customers. We bring our individual skills of graphic designing, product engineering and progressive innovation to the table creating a well-run machine internally and producing a quality product. Customer service and satisfaction is top on our list. We strive to produce a knife that is durable and performs well for our customers. We are able to pass on savings through internal engineering, blueprinting, prototyping combined with outsourcing materials. Customer Service, Quality, Education and Integrity are the 4 pillars of Templar Knife.