Team Winchester and AA Target Loads Win Big at the 2023 Grand American

Winchester continued its winning streak at the 2023 Amateur Trap Association (ATA)  Grand American trap shoot held in Sparta, IL, crowning multiple Team Winchester champions. As the official ammunition of the ATA, Winchester also once again secured its famous AA® shotshell as the number one choice among all competitors.

Team Winchester, led by the shooting of Matt Bartholow, Dagen Voigtman and Keith Ditto posted high marks throughout the two-week event against some of the toughest competitors in the country.

Matt Bartholow cemented himself as the greatest doubles shooter in the history of trap shooting winning his third title in a row, a streak that started in 2021. Bartholow is the first shooter to win three consecutive titles adding to his record high of four. He finished the year with an ATA record of 99.81% … that is percentage of hits versus misses. Matt also won six of the seven individual doubles events that make up the 2600 overall Grand American.

Dagen Voigtman took the Grand American by storm in 2020, when he shot the first ever 400/400 in the history of the event. This year was no different. Dagen blazed his way through Junior Gold, winning six individual events and also locking up multiple other podium finishes. Dagen’s greatest accomplishment of the 2023 Grand was the Clay Target Championship where he shot 200 straight in the event, and then followed that up with an 800-target shoot-off to claim the coveted ring.

“The Grand American is the true test for the world’s best trap shooters. Congratulations to all the competitors and especially Team Winchester. Their accomplishments are historic and Winchester AA shotshells remain the top choice of ammunition at this historic event,” said Jason Gilbertson, Director of Marketing for Winchester.

Team Winchester 2023 Grand American Highlights—  

The 2600 ATA HOA Championship  

1st – Dagen Voigtman
2nd – Matt Bartholow
3rd – Keith Ditto

The 1000 Preliminary High Overall  

1st -Dagen Voigtman
2nd- Keith Ditto

The 1500 High Overall  

1st – Dagen Voigtman
2nd – Matt Bartholow
3rd – Keith Ditto

The Winchester Super 500 Singles 

1st- Dagen Voigtman

The Super 500 Doubles 

1st- Matt Bartholow