Team Krieghoff Wins the 2024 World Sporting Clays Championship with Sweeping Victories

Team Krieghoff Wins the 2024 World Sporting Clays Championship with Sweeping Victories

In a spectacular display of skill and dedication, Team Krieghoff has emerged victorious at the 2024 World Sporting Clays Championships, securing multiple World Champion titles and achieving impressive results across various events.

Main Event Highlights:

  • Brandon Powell: World Champion, Gold Medalist (High Overall)
  • Turner Parcell: World Bronze Medalist (3rd Overall) and Junior World Champion
  • Madison Sharpe: Ladies World Champion, Gold Medalist
  • Steve Edmondson: Super Vet World Champion, Gold Medalist
  • Bryson Elwer.: Sub Junior World Champion, Gold Medalist
  • Carson Lingle: Sub Junior World Runner-Up, Silver Medalist
  • Jonathan Prince: Junior World Bronze Medalist
  • Additional Achievements at the 2024 World Sporting Clays Championship:

Castellani Cup (945):

  • Jonathan Prince: Champion
  • Brandon Powell: Runner-Up
  • Mike Wilgus: Veteran Champion

Krieghoff FITASC:

  • Karen Miles: Ladies Champion
  • Rick Mein: Super Veteran Champion


  • Joseph Zeitler: Master 1st

Super Sporting:

  • Mike Wilgus: Veteran Champion
  • Madison Sharpe: Ladies Champion
  • Turner Parcell: Junior Runner-Up
  • Karen Miles: Ladies 3rd


  • Brandon Powell: High Overall Champion
  • Shelby Moon: Ladies Champion
  • Turner Parcell: Junior Champion
  • Mike Wilgus: Veteran Runner-Up

20 Ga Sporting :

  • Mike Luongo: Master 3rd

28 Gauge Sporting:

  • Joseph Zeitler: Master 2nd

.410 Sporting:

  • Joseph Zeitler: Master 3rd

Tower Challenge:

  • Reanna Frauens: Ladies Runner-Up

Winchester Ladies Cup:

  • Madison Sharpe: Runner-Up
  • Karen Miles: 3rd

Team Krieghoff’s performance at this year’s championships was extraordinary. The team’s shooters demonstrated exceptional prowess, determination, and sportsmanship, making their mark across various categories.

These victories have further solidified Team Krieghoff’s reputation as a powerhouse in sporting clays, setting the stage for continued success in future competitions.

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