Tailwind Nutrition Launches Blueberry Lemonade Endurance Fuel

Tailwind Nutrition Launches Blueberry Lemonade Endurance Fuel

 Tailwind Nutrition, the leading provider of simple and complete sports nutrition products for athletes that is backed by science, is proud to introduce its latest limited edition flavor—Blueberry Lemonade Endurance Fuel. Inspired by the cycling community and developed in partnership with The Feed, Blueberry Lemonade will keep athletes powering up the next hill, all day long.

Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel is a sports nutrition drink mix offering complete nutrition with the perfect combination of calories, electrolytes and hydration for athletes with no need for gels, chews, bars, or salt pills. The recommended serving size contains 50g of carbohydrates and 620mg of sodium, in addition to calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It mixes crystal clear with water and is designed to be used during training and racing, without upsetting the stomach. The limited edition Blueberry Lemonade flavor is available in 4-serving stick-packs for $10.00. It is available now on and The Feed, as supplies last.

Bright and refreshing, Tailwind’s latest flavor gives way to the slight sweetness of blueberries and is mixed with the same calories and electrolytes that cyclists expect from Endurance Fuel. Blueberry lemonade is great for beating the heat, and is perfect for the summer cycling season. And maybe, just maybe, was inspired by the Maillot Jaune of the world’s most famous bicycle race.

“We are focused on helping every endurance athlete achieve their goals with exceptional nutrition and hydration, but developing Blueberry Lemonade has been particularly fun for us here in Durango because it’s inspired by the love of cycling — the sport that was the genesis of Tailwind over a decade ago,” said Jeff Vierling, Co-Founder of Tailwind Nutrition.

Tailwind also recently introduced Dauwaltermelon Endurance Fuel, a watermelon with lime flavor created with Tailwind athlete Courtney Dauwalter, which she used to fuel her legendary Triple Crown last summer. The popular flavor has officially earned a permanent spot in Tailwind’s flagship lineup. For shorter or less intense rides, Rapid Hydration is a low-cal electrolyte mix that features a light and bright taste.

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