Summit Treestands of PRADCO Outdoor Brands Partners with Barstool Outdoors

Summit Treestands of PRADCO Outdoor Brands Partners with Barstool Outdoors

PRADCO Outdoor Brands announces a new partnership between outdoor content platform Barstool Outdoors and Summit Treestands, the leader in treestands, safety harnesses, and treestand accessories.

“Barstool Outdoors” follows longtime outdoor enthusiast Sydnie Wells as she travels across the world in search of unique hunting and fishing opportunities, introducing her passion for wildlife and conservation to athletes, celebrities, and fellow Barstool Sports personalities.

From Jake Nelson, Summit’s Product Manager: “At Summit Treestands we bring a lot of passion and energy to making the best treestands possible, and we feel Barstool Outdoors does the same when it comes to their outdoor pursuits. Our stands are engineered for hunters by hunters, and we feel this partnership does a great job of representing that.”

Sydnie Wells, host of “Barstool Outdoors,” brings a relatable and refreshing approach to the outdoor industry. As the daughter of hunting legend Tim Wells, Sydnie’s passion for the outdoors was inevitable. When the opportunity presented itself, she followed that passion and took over Barstool Outdoors. Today, she hosts multiple series on the platform, commanding the attention of seasoned outdoorsmen while inspiring newcomers.

Catch new episodes of “Barstool Outdoors” on YouTube and streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon TV, and Android TV.

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