Striped Bass Survival Tips for Summer Fishing

Striped Bass Survival Tips for Summer Fishing

The ASMFC Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board approved an emergency action to implement a 31-inch maximum size limit (PDF) for the striped bass recreational fishery for 2023. This action was taken in response to the large increase in recreational harvest of striped bass in 2022, and repeated years of poor reproductive success. The new slot limit is intended to protect a large proportion of the remaining adults to allow them to contribute to future spawning and stock rebuilding.

Circle hooks are required when fishing for striped bass with natural bait. In addition to using circle hooks to reduce hooking mortality, anglers are encouraged to follow these tips to help improve fish survivability:

Consider Environmental Conditions – Fighting a fish in warmer water can cause greater stress. Avoid long fight times and playing the fish to exhaustion.
Avoid Treble Hooks and Barbs – Crush or file off barbs on hooks to reduce de-hooking time and damage to the fish.
Keep Fish in the Water – If you must handle a fish, make sure your hands are wet, hold it horizontally and firmly, and support its weight under the belly.
Release with Care – Position the fish headfirst into the current and gently move it side-to-side so that water flows through the mouth and over the gills. Do not let the fish go until it is able to swim strongly out of your grasp.

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