SRD20: Waterless Wash and Wax for Your Boat

SRD20: Waterless Wash and Wax for Your Boat

Lafayette, LA – In their never-ending quest to make boat cleaning, waxing, and detail as easy as possible, SRD20 has done it again. Their Waterless Wash and Wax solution covers both tasks with a single application – no hoses, buckets, water or scrubbing required. A powerful, cutting-edge ceramic formula specifically designed for boats and personal watercraft (PWC), it cleans and protects gelcoat, windows, plastic, paint, and metal surfaces in the blink of an eye, removing dirt and grime while leaving behind a durable protective ceramic layer sure to turn heads with its bright, clean shine.

“SRD20 Waterless Wash and Wax is so easy-to-use you’ll instantly realize it’s something special as you give it a try,” says Stewart Delcambre, founder of SRD20 boat washes and protectants featuring a new line of boat care products that’s exceeding all expectations. “It’s powerful, effective and environmentally safe. Just spray it on, wipe it off and buff dry using a microfiber cloth. That’s it, done! No mess, no bother, no run-off – and none of that chalky residue many other wash and wax products leave behind. It even has a pleasant, tropical scent.”

With its industrial strength sprayer and unencumbered mobility, SRD20 Waterless Wash and Wax is perfect for when you don’t have easy water access or the desire to use a hose or bucket. Doing the work of two products at once, it especially excels at cleaning and waxing tough-to-reach places including in and around doors, hatches, compartments and dash panels. It also impresses as a stand-alone detailer for added shine and protection on virtually any boat or PWC surface.

“Cleaning and waxing a boat shouldn’t be hard work,” continues Delcambre, “Unfortunately, many boat care products on the market lack modern technology. Our goal was to create a line of boat cleaning and protectant products infused with cutting-edge nanotechnology that works at a micro level to provide superior results – a line to rival the automobile industry in terms of ease of use, overall performance and long-lasting protection.”

Which, after several years of testing and development, is exactly what the company has done to the tune of great reviews. SRD20’s Waterless Wash and Wax echoes the theme of the rest of its product offerings, all designed to take the stress and hard work out of boat care, cleaning and detail. Additional stars in the line-up include its increasingly popular flagship product, SRD20 Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating and Protectant, SRD20 Pink Soap for Boats and SRD20 Vinyl Protectant.

“Whether used individually as needed or in combination for total cleaning, detailing and protection, you’ll be amazed at how easy these products are to apply and work with – and how long they can keep your vessel looking its sharpest,” concludes Delcambre.

You’ll also be happy to learn all SRD20 products are proudly made in the U.S.A and are available in select stores, as well as from and


Our decision to create products to clean and protect the surfaces of boats started years ago, tinkering with our boats, testing endless formulas. After years of discussions with boat owners about cleaning and protecting their boats, it was apparent that most were unhappy. It’s either too much work or the products just don’t perform. SRD20 products work, are easy to apply, and incorporate the newest technologies. Plus, all our products are made in the U.S.A.