SPRO Introduces Megalojohn Swimbait

SPRO Introduces Megalojohn Swimbait

The Megalojohn swimbait was designed in conjunction with Elite Series pro angler John Crews. This 6” soft plastic swimbait has a great thumping action when retrieved. The plastic used in the Megalojohn is a special blend of soft plastic that is soft enough to allow a great swimming action while being durable enough to catch fish after fish. It swims great on slow retrieves and won’t blow out on fast retrieves.

It is armed with a #2 Gamakatsu black nickel, round bend treble on the belly. The super sharp treble can be held in place with a soft bait magnet that can be screwed into the underside of the bait.

The treble is attached with a swivel to allow it to easily spin when hooked up on a fish, preventing the fish from getting additional leverage and throwing the hook.

With the treble rigged with the magnet, the hook is in position for the best hook ups while keeping it as weedless as possible. The Megalojohn weighs 1.75 ounces, so it casts well, but will skip easily into hard-to-reach places. It is available in eight colors.

MSRP $14.49