Springfield Armory Limited-Edition M1A 50th Anniversary Rifle

Springfield Armory® is honored to announce the release of a special limited-edition rifle that celebrates half a century of crafting the iconic M1A™, a faithful semi-auto recreation of the legendary M14 rifle in .308 Win.

In recognition of its original launch in the year 1974, the M1A 50th Anniversary Rifle will be offered in a limited run of just 1,974 rifles. Included with the rifle is a hand-built display crate constructed of Eastern white pine. An OD Green cotton canvas sling, cleaning kit and M14 Army TM-9-1005-223-12 technical manual are included with the rifle. The rifle ships in a padded black zippered case.

In addition to all the above, each rifle also includes a signed certificate of authenticity with matching serial number and the personal signature of Springfield Armory’s CEO, Dennis Reese, affirming its status as a true collector’s item.

The rifle features a flash suppressor with integrated bayonet lug, giving it the classic M14 profile. The action of the 50th Anniversary M1A is precisely fitted into a hand-selected walnut stock, which is adorned with an inlet 50th Anniversary Crossed Cannon medallion. In addition, each rifle features a custom-engraved 1 of 1974 operating rod, symbolizing its unique place in history. MSRP is $2,499.

“The M1A rifle is easily one the most recognizable — and respected — offerings from Springfield Armory,” said Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing. “With this new limited-edition rifle, we are offering fans of the firearm a rare opportunity to own their own collectible part of its iconic history.”

M1A™ 50th Anniversary Rifle | MA9102-50th | MSRP: $2,499 |706397977511

This limited-edition release combines historic significance with modern craftsmanship. Own a piece of history. Experience the 50th Anniversary M1A.

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About Springfield Armory®

In 1794, the original Springfield Armory began manufacturing muskets for the defense of our young, free Republic. The Armory functioned as a firearms supplier for every major American conflict until 1968 when the government sadly closed its doors. In 1974, nearly two centuries after its inception, Springfield Armory Inc. in Geneseo, Ill. revived the iconic heritage of the Armory to carry on its legacy.