Springfield Armory Launches Mobile App

Springfield Armory Launches Mobile App

Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the launch of the all-new customer dashboard and mobile app. The new website and app offer a streamlined customer experience and centralized hub of resources and support for Springfield Armory firearms.

The industry-leading customer dashboard is the first of its kind, giving users convenient access to warranty activation, searchable manuals and instructional videos. Customers can also privately manage their firearms collection in the “My Armory” section, which reflects warranty status and offers quick access to firearm-specific resources and customer support.

Customers who activate their Limited Lifetime Warranty receive a complimentary two-year subscription to the quarterly The Armory Life print magazine as well as 15% off a purchase at the Springfield Armory webstore.

Easily accessible on mobile and desktop devices, Springfield Armory owner’s manuals are now fully optimized for digital viewing and can be printed or saved in the app for offline viewing. Leveraging the digital platform, manuals also integrate helpful instructional videos for actions such as fieldstripping, optics installation and more.

To create this new app, Springfield Armory partnered with Gray Loon Marketing Group to develop a feature-rich digital experience that serves the needs of modern shooters with a strong emphasis on privacy and ease of use.

“Our customers deserve the best post-purchase experience from us, and we saw an opportunity to bring our resources and support into the modern era,” said Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “This new app helps ensure users get the benefit of our lifetime warranty, while also delivering media-rich resources to the devices they use every day.”

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