South Carolina Session Adjourns, Constitutional Carry Still Alive

The South Carolina 2023 legislative session has informally adjourned without a sine die resolution and has no plans to return this calendar year. Despite the adjournment, both NRA-backed Constitutional Carry bills, S. 109 and H. 3594 are still alive and will be pending on the Senate floor when the legislature returns in January 2024.

As a reminder, H. 3594 received bipartisan support in the House of Representatives, as well as the backing of Governor McMaster. In the Senate, S. 109 was amended to adopt the NRA’s preferred language, resulting in two legislative opportunities to move forward in January. There is a strong chance that constitutional carry will be among the first bills considered when the legislative session resumes in January 2024.

Constitutional Carry legislation recognizes the fundamental right of law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment freedoms without unnecessary restrictions. Its passage would have South Carolina join 27 other states which ensure that responsible individuals can protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property with peace of mind.

We urge you to stay vigilant and engaged while the session is adjourned. It is crucial to maintain momentum and continue advocating for Constitutional Carry. Reach out to your elected officials, voice your unwavering support for these bills, and let them know that you stand with Governor McMaster and the NRA in prioritizing the protection of our constitutional rights.

We will provide you with further updates and action alerts throughout the year. Your NRA-ILA will continue to keep you informed of opportunities to engage your elected officials and continue to put pressure on the Senate. Constitutional carry remains the legislative priority in the Palmetto State.


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